in Hell

Deal made Not afraid

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For the next 24 hours, no mat­ter how many times I begged, David wouldn’t let me leave the apart­ment. I was be­ing held hostage. Pet­ri­fied, an­other clear thought en­tered my head.

Look him in the eye.

As I did, I felt the dy­namic be­tween us change.

David knew I wasn’t afraid of him. He was los­ing his power. But some­thing also told me this wasn’t go­ing to end un­til he got some­thing.

I made a deal with David and let him mas­tur­bate over me while Richard was in the other room. He also took my knick­ers. Any­thing to pre­vent some­thing worse…

Then, David acted as if noth­ing had hap­pened. Asked if we could stay in touch! No chance.

Af­ter flee­ing, I boarded the next bus to Quebec. As soon as it pulled out of the sta­tion, I broke down in tears, started shak­ing.

Clear vi­sion

Back with Estelle’s friends, I took a few too many painkillers.

It wasn’t a suicide at­tempt, more a cry for help. I knew I needed sup­port, just didn’t know how to ask for it. Af­ter, I had a clear vi­sion. I could see a can­dle flame – I was be­ing given a choice. I could leave this earth or live.

That mo­ment gave me the strength to tell my par­ents what had hap­pened.

Soon, I was on the next flight home. I hadn’t taken enough pills for them to have last­ing ef­fects. I put thou­sands of miles be­tween me and my at­tacker, but the dam­age he’d done stayed with me for years. It af­fected re­la­tion­ships, and I had numb­ness in my pelvis and legs. A phys­i­cal side ef­fect of my emo­tional pain. Then I found out about So­matic Ex­pe­ri­enc­ing, a form of nat­u­ral trauma ther­apy. It helped me love my body again. In 2010, I be­came a qual­i­fied prac­ti­tioner. Now, I help oth­ers who are

suf­fer­ing. I’ve also writ­ten a self-help book, A Guide To Be­ing A Bet­ter Be­ing.

Di­vine force

Look­ing back - years on - I re­alise how naive I was, but I’d grown up in ru­ral Wales.

I firmly be­lieve a Di­vine force was guid­ing me that dread­ful day. How else could I have gone from a point of extreme fear to one of supreme strength?

I wasn’t on my own, and I can’t bear to think about what would’ve hap­pened had I been.

But I’m proof that, even in the dark­est hour, the light comes to save us.

I was be­ing given a choice I found the strength to tell my par­ents

Help­ing oth­ers: Qual­i­fied prac­ti­tioner

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