Knight to re­mem­ber I helped draft the Magna Carta

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As I strode through the Great Hall, my fur and vel­vet cloak bil­lowed be­hind. It was the sum­mer of 2012, and I was act­ing the part of King Henry VIII for vis­i­tors at Hamp­ton Court Palace.

I’d al­ways been a real his­tory buff.

My fam­ily tree had even shown I was a de­scen­dant of Wil­liam Mar­shal, of­ten re­ferred to as ‘the world’s great­est knight’.

I was in my el­e­ment at the palace.

The an­cient grandeur made me feel as though I’d come home.

‘It just all feels so fa­mil­iar,’ I told my part­ner, Sally-ann Hayes, 59.

Sally-ann had of­ten told me she thought I was an old soul.

So in Fe­bru­ary this year, I went to the clinic of Sally Ann Gray for a re­gres­sion.

In a deep state of hyp­no­sis I found my­self slumped on a cold flag­stone floor.

I was a knight in me­dieval times. I’d been am­bushed while rid­ing, in­jured, then thrown into a cell. ‘We’re go­ing to count to three and move on,’ Sally Ann whis­pered. Time flashed for­ward. I was in a tent lined with op­u­lent gold cloth. Sol­diers armed with swords pro­tected me as I sat at a ta­ble in­spect­ing doc­u­ments cru­cial to Eng­land’s fu­ture. I was Wil­liam Mar­shal, the knight, and I was help­ing to draft the Magna Carta! My sur­round­ings al­tered again. This time, I was old, on my deathbed. Men were gath­ered around my bed, writ­ing fu­ri­ously. As Sally Ann’s room swam back into view, amaze­ment washed over me. What I’d seen matched Wil­liam Mar­shal’s life story. I wasn’t just re­lated to him – I’d been him in a past life! It’s an amaz­ing feel­ing to know I was once one of the most in­flu­en­tial knights ever. I’ve been rein­car-knight-ed!

Paul Tred­gett, 59, from East­bourne, East Sus­sex My part­ner says I’m an ‘old soul’

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