Goddess Kali helped me slim down!

...is a sexy Goddess try­ing to emerge! Skye Valuntino, 31, from Edg­bas­ton, West Mid­lands White witch magic!

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I’m a woman. And for me, the word woman is spelt G-O-D-D-E-S-S. Di­vine. Ce­les­tial. Im­mor­tal. Gor­geous. But it’s taken me a long time to ac­cept it.

‘Look at me,’ I cried into the mir­ror. ‘I’m obese.’ It was March last year. And I was big. I was 21st big, to be pre­cise. And a whop­ping dress size-38.

Far too much for my 5ft 9in frame.

Now, I’m not say­ing curves aren’t beau­ti­ful. They are.

But mine were get­ting dan­ger­ous.


I’d be out of breath walk­ing for the bus, I’d break out in a sweat just pop­ping out for a pint of milk.

Not healthy at all. And the thing is, I hadn’t al­ways been like this.

Twelve years be­fore, I’d been slim as a pin. That was back when the world saw me as a boy.

I’ve al­ways been a woman, but I was born into a boy’s body.


Right from the start, I knew I was dif­fer­ent. I played with the girls at school. And I longed to be like them. Felt frus­trated that I wasn’t. As I got older, that frus­tra­tion turned into a huge de­spair. Some of the boys at school no­ticed that I was dif­fer­ent and girlie.

‘Gay boy!’ one of them shouted at me. ‘Fag!’ laughed another. They were wrong. I wasn’t a gay man. I was a straight woman in a boy’s body.

But how could I tell the bul­lies that?

So I just put up and shut up. Watched in hor­ror as my boy’s body turned into a man’s body. As hair started to ap­pear in places I didn’t want it, and as my voice deep­ened.

One life

By the time I was 18, I just couldn’t go on. ‘You’ve got one life,’ I said to my­self. ‘So what are you go­ing to do about it?’ Waste it pre­tend­ing to be some­thing I wasn’t? Or be true to my­self? It’s a no-brainer, re­ally. First, I told my mum. She was so ac­cept­ing. Said she’d al­ways loved me and al­ways would. No mat­ter what. Then I told friends and fam­ily. Some of them found it harder to deal with than oth­ers. But the im­por­tant thing was be­ing true to me. ‘I’m free,’ I cried. That same day, I threw out my old clothes. Went shop­ping for new ones – women’s. And I let the world see who I’d al­ways been. Skye Valuntino. Soon after, I started see­ing

I was a woman in a boy’s body Right from the start, I knew I was dif­fer­ent I let the world see who I’ve al­ways been

a doc­tor at a gen­der re­as­sign­ment clinic.

I had surgery, was given hor­mones to soften my voice and my fea­tures.


That’s when the weight piled on.

The hor­mones I was tak­ing were strong. The same used in HRT.

They made my body puff out and bloat. And quickly.

Within a year, I’d bal­looned from 11st to 15, 16, 17…and counting.

But I’m the first to ad­mit I didn’t do any­thing to help.

The weight made me feel down… which made me want to eat… which made me feel more down and want to eat and eat. It was a vi­cious cir­cle.

My down­fall was pizza. I’d or­der two large take­away ones. Stuffed crust. Lay­ered with pep­per­oni.

And I’d eat them both for lunch. Then I’d have a greasy Chi­nese for din­ner.

Di­vine mother

Be­fore long, my 30th birth­day was loom­ing. ‘I’m not go­ing to be 30 and fat,’ I said to my­self. But I’d al­ready tried every diet go­ing. Maybe it’s time I used a lit­tle magic, I thought. You see, all of us women are God­desses. But I’m a witch, too. A white witch. My di­vine mother is the Hindu Goddess, Kali. I’ve al­ways had my pow­ers. In all of my lives. Thou­sands of years ago, be­fore I was Skye, I was the high priest­ess of the tem­ple of Alexan­dria. My cat, Tid­dles, was there, too. But he was a python. I’ve also been burned at the stake for be­ing a heretic in 16th-cen­tury Eng­land. I’ve only used my mag­i­cal pow­ers for good. Over the cen­turies, I’ve cast spells to heal lovers’ rifts, and help cou­ples have a baby. I’ve even used my pow­ers to fight off the Devil. And I know I’ll be us­ing my in­flu­ence to help peo­ple for many years to come. I had never used my pow­ers to help my­self. When you fol­low Kali, you must ac­cept your re­spon­si­bilty is to serve oth­ers and to al­ways put their needs be­fore yours. But couldn’t I use my pow­ers to help my­self just this once? To be hon­est, I didn’t feel there was any­one else I could ask, any­one else I could turn to for help, ex­cept for my Goddess mother, Kali. So, tak­ing a deep breath, I asked Kali: ‘Can you help me to help my­self?’

The weight made me feel down Couldn’t I use my pow­ers to help my­self?

High priest­ess: With Tid­dles

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