Our ghost … an­gry about his will!

Jackie Den­ni­son, 59, from North­wich, Cheshire Th­es­pirit was an­gry with his famil fam­ily

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Ires­cue spir­its and send them into the light. It sounds scary, but after 20 years as a clair­voy­ant medium, noth­ing fazes me.

But one case in­volv­ing a cou­ple in Cheshire in­trigued me. They con­tacted me, say­ing they’d felt like they were be­ing watched in their 1900s home – it’d been go­ing on for a month.

‘The com­puter in the liv­ing room keeps switch­ing itself on, but it isn’t plugged in!’ Sally said when I ar­rived at the prop­erty.

I’d been in the house for 10 mins when I heard the PC ping on. Then I felt a rush of cold air.

The cou­ple had also ex­pe­ri­enced this freez­ing blast, along with lights turn­ing on and off and car keys go­ing miss­ing. ‘The keys turn up in odd places like the laun­dry!’ ex­claimed Sally. In the spare room, I found a spirit gen­tle­man. He wasn’t trapped, but had a mes­sage. ‘I’m fed up with peo­ple ar­gu­ing over my will,’ he said. He was an­noyed that his fam­ily were be­ing greedy. He dis­ap­peared into the light without me do­ing any­thing, which was a first! The cou­ple didn’t know what to make of it as no-one in their fam­ily had died re­cently. A few days later, though, Sally called me. ‘It’s the man from the house that backs onto our gar­den,’ she said. ‘He died two weeks be­fore the haunt­ing started, but I’m cer­tainly not telling his wife about his visits!’ I’ve in­ves­ti­gated hun­dreds of cases on my own and for my TV show Res­cue Medi­ums. But I’ve never come across a spirit who was an­gry about his will! But the man just wanted to tell his story, then he was able to rest.

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