There’s no life without Peace

If my beloved horse didn’t live, life was point­less... He­len Comer­ford, 59, from Strat­ford-upon-Avon, War­wick­shire

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When I be­came the owner of 3-year-old horse Peace in Novem­ber 2009, our bond was in­stant.

I knew what he was think­ing, heard his voice in my head.

I was cer­tain we’d been to­gether in a past life as Na­tive Amer­i­cans.

He was my soul mate.

He’s ill

Then, one day in Septem­ber 2015, I got up early as usual to see him.

But a girl from the sta­bles rang.

‘Some­thing’s wrong with Peace,’ she said. ‘I think it’s colic.’

In horses, it can be life-threat­en­ing.

Panic-stricken, I asked my vet to meet at the sta­bles. I could hear him call­ing me. ‘Mummy, I’m dy­ing,’ he said. My heart broke. Ar­riv­ing, I took one look at Peace and I knew he had a dan­ger­ous form of colic where a horse’s gut be­comes twisted. ‘It’s se­ri­ous,’ the vet said. ‘We must get him to equine hospi­tal to op­er­ate.’


Dis­traught, I rang psy­chic medium Mor­gan Class. She’d al­ways been there for me. ‘Please help,’ I begged. ‘My horse is dy­ing.’ ‘He’ll live,’ she promised. ‘He’s com­ing home and you’ll ride him again.’ Stroking Peace’s neck, I led him onto a lorry. I was des­per­ate to believe Mor­gan. All the way to hospi­tal, Mor­gan said she was send­ing Peace heal­ing. ‘There’ll be a surprise at Christ­mas Day,’ she said. But at the hospi­tal, vets gave Peace just a 30 per cent chance of sur­viv­ing. He was taken for surgery and I went home. I couldn’t face the thought of life without Peace. If he was go­ing to die, I also wanted to. I even wrote a sui­cide note.


When Mor­gan rang later, I told her what the vets had said.

‘No, he’s got a 100 per cent chance,’ she said. ‘My heal­ing will give him strength.’

Against the odds, Peace made it through.

He’d suf­fered no last­ing dam­age, would make a full re­cov­ery. ‘A mir­a­cle,’ the vet said. I burned my sui­cide note. And Mor­gan psy­chi­cally sent him heal­ing.

Ev­ery­one at the hospi­tal was as­ton­ished by how quickly Peace re­cov­ered from surgery. He barely even had a scar.

Force for good

Mor­gan gave Peace the strength to pull through

Six days on, he came home but I could­nõt ride him.

On Christ­mas Day, as I fed Peace, he stared into my eyes.

He was say­ing I could sit on him. As I low­ered my­self on to his back, I cried with joy. Again, Mor­gan had been right.

Now Peace is back to his old self and I ride him every day.

He’s only here be­cause of Mor­gan. She gave him the strength to pull through.

She is truly a force for good who walks on the Earth.

To con­tact Mor­gan Class, visit www.mor­ganpsy­

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