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l Kali is the Hindu Goddess of death and time. But she also em­bod­ies moth­erly love, fem­i­nine en­ergy and fer­til­ity. l She is often por­trayed in art as hav­ing blue skin and sev­eral arms… from four up to 18! l In her up­per left arm, she holds the sword of en­light­en­ment and in her lower right, she holds a sev­ered head. The head represents the ego – a per­son’s iden­ti­fi­ca­tion with his or her body is what makes us think in terms of ‘me’ and ‘I’. l Around her neck is a gar­land of skulls to sym­bol­ise all those she has lib­er­ated from the tyranny of time.

Hindu goddess: Fem­i­nine Kali

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