It's off to work we go!

It’s off to work Do you ar­rive as chirpy as when you left home?

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You might wake up feel­ing on top of the world, but by the time you’ve faced long de­lays, done an imi­ta­tion of a sar­dine in a tin or been stuck in a traf­fic jam, your stress lev­els are sky high! Re­search shows that com­mut­ing has a neg­a­tive im­pact on your well-be­ing.

Anxiety lev­els

Com­muters are more likely to suf­fer joint pain and in­som­nia. Peo­ple who take the train have higher anxiety lev­els than those who drive a car. Cy­clists might en­joy bet­ter phys­i­cal fitness, but they have the high­est anxiety lev­els of any other mode of trans­port. Oh dear, it’s amaz­ing we get any work done!

Chill out zone

Stay in your happy place and get the most out of your travel time with the fol­low­ing: l Cre­ate your own calm­ing playlist with Spo­tify, a dig­i­tal mu­sic ser­vice. Lis­ten free with ad­verts or pay £9.99 a month with a free trial. l Learn to med­i­tate with Headspace. Zone out for 10 mins and ar­rive at your work­place in a bub­ble of calm. Free trial, then £9.95 a month or £5.99 for a year at

l At last it’s cool for adults to colour in! No need for pen­cils, just tap and colour with an app like Colorfy. l Use the time to im­prove your mind with a free scrab­ble app. Play solo or with just about any­one. l Lis­ten to pod­casts. They’re like ra­dio shows on the In­ter­net you can lis­ten to any­time. Down­load through an app and you don’t even need an In­ter­net con­nec­tion. There’s thou­sands to choose from. l Don’t like tech­nol­ogy? Read a book or knit. l Give a bless­ing to fel­low com­muters, es­pe­cially the per­son ir­ri­tat­ing you. A bless­ing is a wish from your heart for oth­ers. All that pos­i­tive en­ergy will at­tract good karma as well as hav­ing an im­me­di­ate ef­fect on your well-be­ing.

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