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Vi­sion boards help us clar­ify our aims and dreams. Cre­ate one for your home, and get the kids to join in. Buy a poster board that you can hang on the wall. Look for pic­tures of hol­i­day locations, beau­ti­ful gar­dens and, of course, as many happy ones as you can find. Place these around your vi­sion board in the north­east cor­ner of your home, and look at it as often as pos­si­ble with your as­pi­ra­tions in mind. Then sit back and watch the laws of at­trac­tion spring into ac­tion!

Dear Michelle

Ilive in a ter­raced house and my neigh­bours al­ways rowed. Once sum­mer started, the racket went in the gar­den. The coun­cil didn’t help, so I took con­trol and asked the an­gels for help. Ar­changel Haniel brings peace to re­la­tion­ships, so I posted a letter to my neigh­bours, signed by Ar­changel Haniel.

I said I’d been drawn to watch­ing over them as they had to bring the love back into their lives. I went on to say their home had neg­a­tive vibes and they needed a house that faced east to find joy. The For Sale signs were up in days! Thank you, Haniel, and you, Michelle, for help­ing me sleep peace­fully.

Dear Jane

My favourite an­gelic in­ter­ven­tion of all time. What a re­sult!

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