Bowl of cher­ries?

Leonardo Vieru, 21, Manch­ester

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In 2005, I was 9 when my un­cle Sergei fell from a fifth floor bal­cony of a shop­ping mall.

Age 34, mirac­u­lously, he survived the ac­ci­dent but was badly in­jured.

Trag­i­cally, his life ended five years later be­cause of epilepsy caused by the ac­ci­dent.

Be­fore his fu­neral, his mother (my grand­mother) Fevro­nia, now 67, was pre­par­ing food for the next day. She’d host all of his fam­ily, friends and col­leagues. That night, she had a vivid dream of her dead son. ‘The food you have pre­pared is bril­liant,’ his voice said. ‘But the cher­ries you bought for dessert are rub­bish!’ Wak­ing up fever­ish in the morn­ing, she put his strange words to the back of her mind. She’d put the cher­ries out on the bal­cony the night be­fore, wrapped up. But the bowl was smashed, and they were scat­tered. Some had been stood on, not by an­i­mals – by a hu­man. There was the out­line of a foot. But she lived alone… Sud­denly she re­mem­bered the words – ‘the cher­ries are rub­bish!’ She re­fused to touch them, call­ing me to clean up. She said it was a sign from Sergei. It’s not the first time she’s had aw­ful dreams that co­in­cided with re­al­ity. Shortly after my un­cle’s ac­ci­dent, she was vis­ited by her dead hus­band in bed. ‘Whether you like it or not,’ he spat, a dark brooding fig­ure over her bed. ‘I’m tak­ing my son.’ Now, my grand­mother is try­ing to use her pow­ers for good. Often turn­ing to Sergei for ad­vice, and ask­ing for signs. The cherry dream was a just that, and one she cher­ishes.

She had a very vivid dream about her dead son Myun­cle sud­denly died

Fevro­nia’s fam­ily: Lit­tle Leo

Cherry sign: Good pow­ers

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