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In 2003, Aron Ral­ston showed in­cred­i­ble mind over mat­ter when he had a hik­ing ac­ci­dent in Blue­john Canyon. His right fore­arm was crushed un­der a loose boul­der. For five days he was trapped, alone, un­til he am­pu­tated his own arm with a blunt pen-knife, sav­ing his life. His story was made into 2011 film 127 Hours. l In 2013, a Hun­gar­ian man had an ac­ci­dent with an elec­tric saw. The ma­chine cut off an arm below the el­bow. In shock, he drove to hospi­tal, 10 miles away, with the sev­ered limb, where sur­geons reat­tached it. His body’s stock re­sponse stopped him bleed­ing to death. l The placebo ef­fect is when peo­ple believe a treat­ment im­proves symp­toms, even when there is no ben­e­fit. In 2015, a group were told the pain re­lief gel they’d used was Vase­line. They didn’t believe the re­searcher as they’d had good re­sults. The power of their minds re­duced the pain – not the gel.

Aron Ral­ston: Strong mind

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