Pag­ing Dr House…

Our girl’s telly ob­ses­sion saved her dad’s life

Chat - - Come On In! - By Tina Hol­land, 55, from Gar­ras, Corn­wall

As I laid the ta­ble, a fa­mil­iar theme tune played from the telly in the other room…

It was 9 May, and my daugh­ter Kodie, 19, was in the liv­ing room watch­ing yet an­other episode of her favourite show, House, the hit med­i­cal drama star­ring Hugh Lau­rie as Dr Gre­gory House.

She had all the DVDS and would watch them back to back. My hubby Barry, 56, was in the kitchen hav­ing a cuppa when, at around 5.30pm, Kodie wan­dered in to chat with him. Sud­denly, there was a loud thump, and Kodie started scream­ing, ‘Dad! Dad! Dad!’. I rushed into the kitchen to find Barry sprawled on the floor. His face was white and his body was bright red. He wasn’t breath­ing. Kodie was ring­ing 999… ‘We need to do CPR,’ she said. I’d done a first-aid course 25 years ago, but now I was strug­gling to re­mem­ber what to do. I be­gan, mud­dling through in a panic, but Kodie in­ter­rupted. ‘You’re do­ing it wrong, Mum,’ she said, kneel­ing down with me. ‘You’re not do­ing it hard enough.’ I didn’t

My work is done Kodie learned CPR from Hugh Lau­rie’s character

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