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The an­swers to all these gen­eral knowl­edge ques­tions – ex­cept one – are in the grid in var­i­ous

di­rec­tions. To be this week’s Chat Big Quiz cham­pion, work out which an­swer is miss­ing. This is your prize an­swer. An­swers are in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der in each sec­tion.

The Sil­ver Screen – Wood

1 Which is the ‘wood’, then known for his Spaghetti West­erns, who starred in the mu­si­cal Paint Your Wagon and sang I Talk to the Trees? (5,8)

2 What is the sur­name of the ac­tor Woody - - - who links Nat­u­ral Born Killers, No Coun­try for Old Men and War for the Planet of the Apes? (9)

3 What ‘Wood’ is the ac­tress who played Maria in the mu­si­cal West Side Story, Carol in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and Wilma in Splen­dour in the Grass? (7,4)

Where in The World? For­est

4 Which con­ti­nent is the only one cur­rently with no in­dige­nous trees? (10)

5 Sher­wood For­est, home of the leg­end of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, is in which English county? (15)

6 Yel­low­stone Na­tional Park, with over 2,219,000 acres of land, ex­tends into Idaho and Mon­tana but is mainly in which US state, cap­i­tal Cheyenne? (7)


7 What ‘Oak’ was the name of the sharp-shoot­ing woman in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show? (5,6)

8 What ‘Oak’ is the UK pub name com­mem­o­rat­ing Charles II hid­ing up in a tree af­ter the Bat­tle of Worces­ter in 1651? (5,3)

9 The Oaks is a clas­sic horse race for three­year-old fil­lies. What is the name of the equiv­a­lent race for colts, usu­ally run the day af­ter on the same course? (3,5)


10 In which sport are The Ashes com­peted for by the na­tional teams from Eng­land and Aus­tralia? (7)

11 What is the first name of the ac­tress - - - Ash, who played Deb­o­rah in the BBC sit­com Men Be­hav­ing Badly? (6)

12 What fol­lows the word Ash - - -, to com­plete the name given to the first day of Lent? (9)


13 What is the sur­name of the folk rock mu­sic great Bob - - -, whose real sur­name, Zim­mer­man, is Ger­man for car­pen­ter? (5)

14 What is the first name of the brother of late singer Karen Car­pen­ter, who was the other half of their group The Car­pen­ters? (7)

15 Which large, mous­ta­chioed and tusked marine mam­mal com­pletes the ti­tle of the nar­ra­tive poem The - - - and the Car­pen­ter in Lewis Car­roll’s Through the Look­ing-glass? (6)

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