Who­dun­nit?! Soap quiz

? Can you re­mem­ber these soap star killers?

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1 Who set the barn fire that killed Sarah Sug­den? a. Jack Sug­den b. Andy Sug­den c. Richie Carter 2 Tom King was killed by one of his sons… Which? a. Carl King b. Jimmy King c. Matthew King 3 Who con­fessed to push­ing James Bar­ton to his death at his in­quest? a. Ross Bar­ton b. Faith Din­gle c. Emma Bar­ton 4 Mark Wylde was shot to death in 2010. Who pulled the trig­ger? a. Cain Din­gle b. Natasha Wylde c. Ryan Lamb 5 Gen­nie Walker was suf­fo­cated by a vil­lain with a se­cret. Who was it? a. Cameron Mur­ray b. Debbie Din­gle c. Nicky Pritchard


6 Who shot C Calvinl i Vl Valen­tineti on this wed­ding day? a. Carmel Mcqueen b. Mercedes Mcqueen c. Theresa Mcqueen

7 Who killed bride Louise Sum­mers? a. Sean Kennedy b. War­ren Fox c. Mandy Richard­son

8 Who was the Gloved Hand Killer? a. Holly Cun­ning­ham b. Si­las Blis­sett c. Lind­sey But­ter­field

9 An­other mur­dered bride! Texas Long­ford was pushed to her death – but by who? a. Leanne Hol­i­day b. Will Sav­age c. Doc­tor Brown­ing

10 C Ce­lineli Mcqueen es­caped the Gloved Hand Killer only to end up be­ing mur­dered by who? a. Cameron Camp­bell b. Nico Blake c. Joe Roscoe

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