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Vom­it­ing blood Q

Af­ter a heavy binge, I was shocked to vomit bright-red blood. Have I done some dam­age? Kath, 37


Vi­o­lent vom­it­ing may have caused a tear in the lin­ing of your gul­let. the blood looks alarm­ing, but the tear usu­ally heals by it­self. see your gp to rule out other causes, and go to A&E at once if the blood re­turns.

Swollen knee Q

My GP says the swelling on my knee is house­maid’s knee! Does it still ex­ist? Ayla, 54


yes, though nowa­days it’s more likely to be trig­gered by ex­er­cises or diy than scrub­bing! rub­bing when kneel­ing causes a build-up of fluid over the sur­face of the kneecap. if there’s no in­fec­tion, it should set­tle with rest, but may need an in­jec­tion or surgery.

Wor­ry­ing spot Q

A dim­pled spot on my chin is ooz­ing pus. An­tibi­otics haven’t helped and I’m too scared to go back to my GP... I’m ter­ri­fied in case it’s can­cer.

Mandy, 41 A

if you can’t face your doc­tor, try your den­tist! this sounds like a den­tal si­nus. A tooth has died and the root has be­come in­fected, caus­ing an ab­scess which is drain­ing pus through a nar­row chan­nel – a si­nus – onto your face. treat­ment means re­mov­ing the in­fected tooth.

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