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fol­low­ing week for the MRI.

‘The cancer is grade three,’ the con­sul­tant ex­plained. ‘That means it’s fierce. The lump is the size of a golf ball, but it’s quite con­tained at the top of the breast.’

They didn’t think it had spread, so I was booked in for an op­er­a­tion to re­move just the lump.

On 13 March I had a lumpec­tomy, and some of my lymph glands were re­moved as a pre­cau­tion.

‘If there’s any risk of you not get­ting it all, just take my breasts,’ I in­structed the sur­geon first.

But when I woke up I still had both of my breasts, and be­cause the sur­geon had gone in through the nipple to re­move the lump, my breast looked OK.

To make sure there were no mi­cro­scopic cancer cells still lurking, on 28 April I be­gan a course of chemo­ther­apy.

Each ses­sion left me poorly and bedrid­den, un­able to look af­ter the girls.

Mum, Perry, my aun­tie and Perry’s mum Fiona were bril­liant. But the girls needed their mum.

It broke my heart that I couldn’t bathe my Eve­lyn and put her to bed, but it also made me more de­ter­mined to beat breast cancer.

I wore a cold cap for the chemo, which meant I only lost about 60 per cent of my hair.

I’ve re­cently fin­ished ra­dio­ther­apy and I’ve just started hor­mone drugs, which to­gether will mean the chance of the cancer re­turn­ing is only about 20 per cent.

And in Novem­ber, my doc­tors are talk­ing about me start­ing ovar­ian sup­pres­sion.

It’s a treat­ment that stops the pro­duc­tion of oe­stro­gen, which stim­u­lates some breast can­cers to grow.

I’m scared, but try­ing to be pos­i­tive, too.

In the fu­ture I’m hop­ing to start my own cam­paign to raise aware­ness for breast cancer in younger women.

I want to en­cour­age women of all ages, young and old, to check their breasts.

Be­ing di­ag­nosed with a deadly cancer while preg­nant has made me value my life with the girls, and ap­pre­ci­ate the lit­tle things...

Whether it’s watch­ing Eve­lyn as she learns to roll over and grab things, or sing­ing and danc­ing along to songs with Ma­cie.

I’m de­ter­mined to make the most of ev­ery sin­gle sec­ond!

Sweet Eve­lyn

My big girl Ma­cie

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