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he an­swers to all these gen­eral knowl­edge ques­tions – ex­cept one – are in the grid in var­i­ous

di­rec­tions. to be this week’s Chat big Quiz cham­pion, work out which an­swer is miss­ing. this is your prize an­swer. An­swers are in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der in each sec­tion. The Sil­ver Screen – U 1 Which Hol­ly­wood star, famed for a se­ries of sphagetti West­erns, won his first Os­car in 1992, not for act­ing, but for di­rect­ing the film Un­for­given? (5, 8) 2 Which US ac­tor and dancer fol­lowed up his suc­cess in Satur­day

Night Fever and Grease with the ro­man­tic drama

Ur­ban Cow­boy? (4, 8) 3 What completes the 1995 Os­car-win­ning movie ti­tle The Usual ..., which was ad­ver­tised by the phrase

Who is Keyser Söze? (8) Where in The World? i 4 Which ‘I’ is the south-east Asian coun­try that com­prises many is­lands, in­clud­ing Java, Bor­neo, Su­ma­tra, Bali and Lom­bok? (9) 5 Which ‘I’ is the county of Eng­land that can be reached by cross­ing the So­lent from the south­ern shores of the main­land? (4, 2, 5) 6 Islamabad is the cap­i­tal city of which Asian coun­try? (8) We 7 What’s the sur­name of the great jazz singer and trum­peter Louis … – nick­named Satchmo – who sang the song, We Have all the Time in the World? (9) 8 Which Shake­speare play –some­times re­ferred to as ‘The Scot­tish Play’ be­cause speak­ing its name is con­sid­ered to be un­lucky – be­gins with a witch say­ing, ‘When shall we three meet again..?’ (7) 9 Which queen is said to have ut­tered the slightly grumpy phrase ‘We are not amused’? (8) She 10 Which ‘she’ completes the name ‘new …’, for the mon­e­tary unit of Is­rael? (6) 11 What ‘she’ was the mar­ried sur­name of the au­thor Mary …, who wrote the gothic hor­ror story Franken­stein? (7) 12 Which ‘she’ was the name of a sporty, ny­lon trouser-and-jacket com­bi­na­tion that was pop­u­lar in the late 1980s, and is of­ten de­scribed as a fash­ion faux pas? (5, 4) he 13 In the ab­bre­vi­ated hon­orific ti­tle HE, given to gover­nors and am­bas­sadors, for what does the E stand in His or Her …? (10) 14 Which co­me­dian, whose first and sur­name ini­tials are HE, cre­ated the char­ac­ters Smashie and Nicey, Kevin the Teenager and Tim Nice-but-dim? (5, 7) 15 What’s the name of the sec­ond­light­est el­e­ment, used in lighter-thanair bal­loons and for which the chem­i­cal sym­bol is He? (6)

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