Victim’s bloody re­venge

She made her childhood abuser pay a bru­tal price

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Life got off to a grim start for lit­tle Brit­tany Monk.

She was just 4 years old when her mother walked out of the fam­ily home, leav­ing the child to be raised by her for­mer part­ner Robert Noce.

Brit­tany should have been safe in their home in Zachary, Louisiana.

Af­ter all, Noce had a daugh­ter, too – a play­mate for her.

But it was the start of eight years of hell for lit­tle Brit­tany, as Noce be­gan to sex­u­ally abuse her.

He even be­gan pay­ing her for his sor­did pleasure – some­times $100 (around £70) an hour.

It was only when she was 12 that the abuse ceased.

But eight years of mis­treat­ment had done im­mea­sur­able dam­age.

And, five years on, Brit­tany found the courage to tell the po­lice about her or­deal.

In June 2015, Noce pleaded ‘no con­test’ to hav­ing mo­lested Brit­tany Monk when she was a child – a plea that car­ries the same weight as a guilty plea in a crim­i­nal court.

As­sum­ing Noce would face jail, Brit­tany hoped she could fi­nally put the night­mare be­hind her.

She was 17, and seven months preg­nant with her then 20-year-old boyfriend Jace Cre­han’s baby.

Life could move on with her abuser be­hind bars. But it wasn’t to be...

The judge gave Noce, 47, a sus­pended 10-year term. He was put on pro­ba­tion for five years – then walked free from court.

By that point, three years had lapsed since Noce and Brit­tany had any con­tact.

But Brit­tany was still haunted by his actions, and dis­gusted with the seem­ingly le­nient sen­tence for her eight years of hell.

Less than two weeks af­ter Noce was sen­tenced, on 4 July 2015, Brit­tany and her now fi­ance Cre­han, wanted re­venge.

At around 1.30am, Cre­han used a rusty screw­driver to re­move a window air-con­di­tion­ing unit from the se­cluded trailer where Noce was liv­ing.

The cou­ple crept through the window, where they found him asleep in bed.

Wrestling him to the ground, Cre­han shoved Noce into a choke hold. Noce kicked and screamed, while Monk threw punches at her abuser’s face and sprayed cologne in his eyes.

‘You ru­ined my life!’ she screamed at Noce.

‘You got the wrong guy!’ Noce begged.

Cre­han asked Monk to bring him a knife – the big­gest she could find – from the kitchen.

Hand­ing her part­ner the knife, she walked into the bath­room, away from the chaos.

She could hear Cre­han re­peat­edly stabbing Noce.

As she re­turned to witness the carnage, blood was squirt­ing from Noce’s neck.

He was mak­ing gur­gling noises.

But Cre­han wasn’t done yet.

‘Get me some­thing to tie him up,’ he or­dered Monk.

She re­turned with a belt and ties.

Plac­ing a belt around Noce’s neck, Cre­han put one foot on Noce’s back and pulled the belt up­ward for a minute.

As the room fell silent, it was clear that Noce was now dead.

The duo then placed his blood­ied corpse in­side a 55-gal­lon plas­tic con­tainer Noce had used to make wine.

Try­ing des­per­ately to cover their tracks, they scrubbed away at bloody foot­prints around the mo­bile home, us­ing one of Noce’s tow­els.

Bundling the tow­els and the gloves Cre­han had been wear­ing into the con­tainer, they blocked the kitchen and bath­room drains and ran the tap.

They hoped that, if they flooded the trailer, it would be the cover-up they needed

They crept through the window, and found him asleep in bed...

to get away with mur­der.

The cou­ple only emerged two hours later, their clothes blood­ied, their faces pale.

Cre­han tossed a white­han­dled knife into a lake and they went home to shower.

Then, keep­ing up ap­pear­ances, they went to a fam­ily bar­be­cue at Cre­han’s grand­par­ents.

Four days later, Noce’s body was dis­cov­ered and Brit­tany Monk’s DNA was found in the trailer.

Both she and Jace Cre­han were ar­rested and charged with sec­ond-de­gree mur­der.

In June 2016, Monk, who’d since had her baby, pleaded guilty to manslaugh­ter.

Cre­han’s trial took place in De­cem­ber last year.

He said that he had ‘no re­grets’ about killing Noce.

He felt the jus­tice sys­tem had ‘failed’ his fiancee.

But the prosecutor said that it wasn’t for Cre­han to seek re­venge.

‘We do not live in a coun­try where we, as a so­ci­ety, are al­lowed to take the law into our own hands and do jus­tice,’ he said.

Monk spoke of her abuse and what’d hap­pened on the night of her molester’s killing.

Stand­ing in the dock in a green East Ba­ton Rouge Parish Prison jump­suit, her an­kles shack­led, she ad­dressed the court.

She said it was Cre­han’s idea to go to Noce’s house – to threaten him to stay away once the baby had ar­rived.

‘I agreed to ev­ery­thing,’ she ad­mit­ted to the court.

She said she told Cre­han that she wanted to go with him to Noce’s trailer.

‘I wanted to see him suf­fer,’ she added.

But she told the court they had no in­ten­tion of killing Noce be­fore they ar­rived.

They didn’t arm them­selves with any weapons.

But, in court, it was re­vealed that Cre­han had re­searched un­solved homi­cides on the In­ter­net, just days be­fore the killing.

‘Ms Monk may not have seen her abuser for three years, but she still lived each and ev­ery day with the ef­fects of the sex­ual trauma in­flicted on her for the bet­ter part of the decade,’ Monk’s lawyer ar­gued.

But, de­spite what Noce had done to Monk, she had still been a part of his bru­tal killing.

Jace Cre­han was found guilty of sec­ond-de­gree mur­der.

On 19 Jan­u­ary, the State District Judge said the killing was a ‘di­a­bol­i­cal’ act and ‘vig­i­lante jus­tice’.

Af­ter his clos­ing state­ment, he sen­tenced Cre­han to life in prison with­out pa­role. Monk was jailed for 35 years. Cre­han’s fa­ther Lay­ton Cre­han said he and his wife will be le­gal guardians of the cou­ple’s child for the fore­see­able fu­ture.

Cre­han claimed that he had no re­grets, but it seems Monk felt dif­fer­ently…

‘Has killing Robert Noce that night made your life any bet­ter?’ the prosecutor asked her.

To which the young woman softly replied, ‘No, sir.’

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