Rick’s found an­other kin­dred spirit – and they’re go­ing to make a ’20s moto-ball bike out of one of his flat-tankers

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You haven’t heard much about my flat-tank BSA 350 projects for a while. Well, stuff has been hap­pen­ing. The bike for reader Ian Wil­son is now done and wait­ing for the DVLA to is­sue a regis­tra­tion num­ber. I just have to fin­ish re­pair­ing the tank of the most com­plete of the bikes and then that will be ready to start up.

That leaves just about enough to build two oth­ers – and I now have an­other cus­tomer for the first in Perry Bar­wick. I helped Perry tackle a job on his Triumph Thun­der­bird last year and he’s cur­rently up to his eyes build­ing a Brook­lands Triumph Tiger 80 replica, but... well, you know how it goes. He fan­cied a flat tanker and liked the look of the BSAS, so we’re go­ing to put the bike to­gether be­tween us. Perry doesn’t want stan­dard (which is fine by me) so we’re go­ing to build the bike to look a bit as it would have done in the late ’20s, hav­ing ended up in the hands of some tear­away – I’ve seen pic­tures of th­ese bikes in moto-ball teams.

As Perry says: “The great thing about an in­com­plete project is you’re not spoil­ing any­thing if you don’t re­store it to orig­i­nal – you can build it how­ever you like.” My sen­ti­ments en­tirely; it’s good cre­at­ing a mo­tor­cy­cle out of piles of rusty junk and if they all come out a bit dif­fer­ent, then so much the bet­ter.

Perry Bar­wick will be join­ing in the fun of com­plet­ing this Beeza

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