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The photo above is of some of us (there were a lot more who went) on our way to the funeral of Hugh Moor, the only one we lost – he was a pas­sen­ger in a car. The date was Septem­ber 11, 1969. Be­hind the Mor­ris Mi­nor is Big Jim, be­hind him is Ian Bright and Jill Smith, then Gerry Phillips. I’m next to Jim on the Enfield. On the left is Lit­tle Jim (Tri­umph) and the one with the white sleeves is Rocker Long­ford. I still ride to this day – I have a 1955 T110 and a 1998 Fire­blade. GE­OFF ‘JETHRO’ BELL, ROYSTON, HERT­FORD­SHIRE This is a photo of our daily trans­port, a 1960 BSA A10 and Can­ter­bury side­car, out­side my par­ent’s house in Eux­ton, Chor­ley, Lancs in Jan­uary, 1968. The pre­vi­ous night I had strug­gled to ride home in driv­ing snow that had blocked most roads be­tween Wigan (where I worked) and Chor­ley, with a con­cave Ci­bie head­light that kept fill­ing up with snow, to get back home fol­low­ing the birth of our daugh­ter on Jan­uary 28. Hi-tech cloth­ing? No – woollen jumpers and an army sur­plus coat and gloves. GRA­HAM HOUGH, CHOR­LEY, LAN­CASHIRE

This is a pic­ture of my great un­cle Fred Turner on his BSA Sloper with my Un­cle Peter sit­ting on the tank. I be­lieve he was liv­ing in Il­ford and had a shop in East Ham at the time the photo was taken. Judg­ing by how old Un­cle Peter looks, this was taken about 1930. MARK MULRENIN, MANILLA, ONTARIO This is my aunt Ethel Ord (née Hud­son) on one of her bikes dur­ing the 1920s, we think, when she was liv­ing in Win­gate, County Durham. I won­dered if you had any idea what the bike is? The rest of the fam­ily had been petrol­heads from about 1910 – my fa­ther had a Tri­umph, New Im­pe­rial and oth­ers be­fore chang­ing to four wheels in 1937. My aunt also owned a Ner-a-car, but we haven’t any pho­tos. DICK HUD­SON, DON­CASTER Very dif­fi­cult to tell what bike it is; it’s a light­weight and the forks are Druid, as fit­ted to many bikes from the mid-1910s to mid-’20s but my guess would be an early to mid-’20s 211cc Le­vis Pop­u­lar, which was a very pop­u­lar bike of the time (the clue is in the name). Cheers, Rick

into mo­tor­cy­cling in 1971 when I was 19 – he had been rid­ing motorcycles since he was a young­ster. The pic­ture on the left was taken in 1938/39, and shows my grand­mother try­ing out his BSA, with a brave neigh­bour on the back. My fa­ther is in the back­ground with pipe and bi­cy­cle (and no, that’s not me at the stairs in the back­ground – I was born 13 years later). My un­cle also helped me find­ing my first bike – a 1955 BSA Gold Star. For the last 21 years, I have owned a Vin­cent Comet, and over the years I have also had four Ja­panese bikes, three BMWS, three MZS and one Moto Guzzi. KLAUS KRISTENSEN, DEN­MARK I am writ­ing this email on be­half of my grand­par­ents, Lyn and Peter Mer­rick. My grand­fa­ther started mo­tor­cy­cling in 1955 with an OEC mo­tor­cy­cle. These pho­tos were taken in late 1959 of my grand­par­ents sit­ting on their new slim­line Dom­i­na­tor – it was very im­por­tant to them, as it was their first new bike. My grand­fa­ther did a bit of pro­duc­tion rac­ing on it with the BMRC. They then went tour­ing with it on the con­ti­nent to Vi­enna and sev­eral other Euro­pean des­ti­na­tions. Af­ter 53 years of mar­riage, they still have Nor­tons. RUBY EL­LIS


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