GT380J 1972

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The points cam is driven by a plas­tic gear that can dis­in­te­grate. Us­ing a span­ner to turn the points cam (rather than re­mov­ing the plugs and turn­ing the mo­tor by hand) can over­whelm this weak gear.

Check the stop-valves on the twostroke oil lines. They are li­able to stick if the bike is left sit­ting. As a re­sult, the crankcases can fill with oil and hy­drauli­cally lock the en­gine when started, bend­ing a con­rod.

If any of the triples’ en­gines has been left stand­ing for months, take out the plugs and turn the en­gine over quickly. If they spray out oil, the oil-line valves need re­plac­ing. The springs par­tic­u­larly can be­come brit­tle and fail.

Mild state of tune and small carbs smooth out the GT380’S power de­liv­ery

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