Classic Bike (UK) - - PROJECT SUNBEAMS -

1 DON’T PANIC! There’s usu­ally a way around any prob­lem. If some­thing is com­pletely un­ob­tain­able, you’re prob­a­bly not alone in need­ing one; maybe you can pool re­sources and have a batch made.

2 NEED A BREAK? Use the time by bag­ging, la­belling and box­ing ev­ery­thing up. Oth­er­wise you’ll for­get what goes where and if you end up sell­ing, it will make the project more at­trac­tive.

3 LIST THE IS­SUES that halted progress and keep any prob­lem parts ac­ces­si­ble so that you can reach them. You may need a sam­ple or meet some­one who thinks re­pair is pos­si­ble.

4 DON’T SPEND ANY MORE MONEY. The ex­cep­tion is if a rare part you need comes up by chance. You’ll need it if you get go­ing again – and if you don’t, again it will make the project more saleable.

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