I mean, re­ally – how is this sup­posed to work? The cable line is miles out. ‘Buy cheap and pay dear’ as they say – this in­ter­net-sourced pat­tern lever is not go­ing to work with­out some at­ten­tion... 2

The prob­lem is the pivot bolt hole is in to­tally the wrong place; luck­ily there’s space to move it to where it should be, so I marked the spot and dot punched it. 3

But the catch is, if I drill the hole in the po­si­tion I’ve marked, it will over­lap the ex­ist­ing hole, leav­ing a fig­ure of eight that will quickly wear through. 4

So I need to plug the orig­i­nal hole first. I could try braz­ing or sil­ver sol­der­ing it up, but it’s prob­a­bly eas­i­est just to tap the hole out – a ¼in BSF tap worked fine. 5

I had a bit of ¼in di­am­e­ter brass bar in my metal stocks, so I cut a BSF thread onto that with a die to make a plug I can screw into my threaded hole. 6

I prob­a­bly could have used lock­ing com­pound but as both parts are brass I sol­dered it in place to make it as much as pos­si­ble one-piece with the lever bracket. 7

Then I cut off the ex­cess and filed it smooth be­fore set­ting the bracket up in the pil­lar drill to drill the new hole, be­gin­ning with a pi­lot hole from a cen­tre drill. 8

You can see the dif­fer­ence here; if I had tor­tured the cable into the lever as sup­plied (right) the bend on the cable would soon have caused fray­ing and break­age.

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