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Like many peo­ple, I’m drawn to cars that my par­ents used to own, for me these are the clas­sics from the early 1980s. Thank­fully these ev­ery­day fam­ily cars aren’t too pricey so it should be pos­si­ble to buy four of the cars from my past with £20k.

First off, a Ford Cortina MkV es­tate would sit well in my garage. You can pick one up for around £2k but I think it’s worth spend­ing a bit more on some­thing cleaner and health­ier for a few thou­sand more. I have a feel­ing that the later Corti­nas will only be­come more de­sir­able and ap­pre­ci­ate as time goes on.

With­out doubt I’d look for a low-mileage Peu­geot 205 GTI 1.9 in black and with a red in­te­rior. It’s just got 1980s style from top to bot­tom. Not only do they have great per­for­mance, they also look fan­tas­tic and have a great fol­low­ing. I think with the amount of Peu­geot 205 fans out there you’ll be able to fifind spare parts eas­ily enough.

Sit­ting next to the 205 would be a Subaru Brat pick-up. OK, so there isn’t a huge pop­u­lar fol­low­ing but it’s some­thing niche that would turn some heads when on dis­play at a show. It’s this rar­ity’s that make a good clas­sic event some­times.

Last, as I men­tioned in last week’s CCW, the one clas­sic I wish had never left the fam­ily is the Vaux­hall Cav­a­lier MkII SRI. I’d need a very low mileage vari­ant here, as I want this for its power and speed. I’d be buy­ing this for nos­tal­gia like the other but equally it’s a beast on the mo­tor­way. Look out BMWs and Audis, the SRI is com­ing through!

It’s pos­si­ble to fifind a good ex­am­ple of each of these for around £5k. Al­ter­na­tively I could just blow my £20k on the car I al­ways wanted in the 1980s – not the DeLorean, but a Ford Sierra RS Cos­worth. I’ll de­cide on the day when my lot­tery num­bers come in.

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