As­ton Martin DB7

This mod­ern clas­sic is prob­a­bly one of cheap­est routes into As­ton Martin own­er­ship – and it’s got plenty of ser­vice his­tory

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This DB7 has all the ba­sics of a well sorted, straight car. The steer­ing is quick and has plenty of feel, while the 3.2 straight six pulls well and idles nicely. The au­to­matic gear­box goes up and down all of its gears with no is­sues, and kick­down works. The only is­sues are worn brake discs, which ham­pered the car’s stop­ping power, a creak from the sus­pen­sion at lower speeds from the front off­side and a po­ten­tial cool­ing is­sue, with the nee­dle creep­ing away from the half­way marker dur­ing idling and low speeds. The ven­dor told us that the car will be me­chan­i­cally worked through to have its nig­gles sorted once it finds a new home, so the new owner doesn’t have to con­tend with the DB7’s glitches per­son­ally.


DB7s of­ten suf­fer from rot be­hind their plas­tic side skirts, and while this ex­am­ple was no ex­cep­tion the pre­vi­ous owner has al­ready reme­died it. Last Septem­ber the car had more than £3000’s worth of struc­tural weld­ing work com­pleted, mean­ing this As­ton’s struc­ture shouldn’t have any se­ri­ous is­sues. It’s very well pre­sented, and looks more like it has cov­ered just 20,000 miles rather than 100,000. The paint­work is ex­cel­lent, with only a scuff to the near­side cor­ner of the front bumper spoil­ing things. All the pan­els line up per­fectly.


Af­ter 20 years and 100,000 miles of use you’d ex­pect to see signs of wear and tear, but we strug­gled to find any at all. There’s some mild UV-in­duced fad­ing to the wood trim on the dash­board and a scuff on the glove­box, but that’s it. The seats, car­pets and roof lin­ing are in lovely con­di­tion, and all of the but­tons are present and cor­rect. Noth­ing rat­tles or squeaks. The air con­di­tion­ing has a strange fault of turn­ing off and re-start­ing at ran­dom, but again, the ven­dor says this will be rec­ti­fied once sold.


The en­gine is spot­lessly clean. All the flu­ids are filled to the cor­rect level and there’s not a wire or lead out of place. The ra­di­a­tor and all of the cool­ing hoses are in good con­di­tion, and we couldn’t find any signs of leak­ing.


It might have some is­sues, but with Arun Ltd promis­ing to sort th­ese out, this car looks like a bar­gain. DB7s prob­a­bly won’t get much cheaper than this, and with most As­ton Mar­tins prov­ing solid in­vest­ments, it’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore prices rise. So if your pock­ets are deep enough to run it, we say go for it. But go in with your eyes open.

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