Trade se­cret blowovers

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With ref­er­ence to the strangely-coloured Mor­ris Mi­nor ( The Way We Were, CCW, 27 Jan­uary, this could be the re­sult of the type of ‘quick blowover’ that we used to do in the 1970s and 1980s.

We had a con­tact in the paint trade, and ‘Per­mo­bell’ (an oil-based paint) would cover a mul­ti­tude of sins. Any time we or­dered paint, it would be in five-litre quan­ti­ties, for a qual­ity re­spray in the cor­rect colour. And that meant we were al­ways left with a lot left over! This paint was then used to spray Ford Tran­sit cabs, small vans, and bangers to tidy up. We ended up with some strange com­bi­na­tions, such as a Ford Cortina MkII in BMC’s Teal Blue, which looked OK. An­other one we did was a Ford Anglia in Har­vest Gold, an­other BMC colour – and it has to be said that it looked al­most ex-mil­i­tary.

We’d mask-up, give it a quick wipe with thin­ners, and use our mas­sive pre-war com­pres­sor to get the job done. There would be sparks fly­ing around the ex­posed com­mu­ta­tor on the mo­tor, which ended up siz­zling away in the cor­ner.

We wore no face­masks or over­alls back then, and used an il­le­gal paraf­fin Sala­man­der heater, left bur­bling away in the cor­ner. A few pints of Brain’s Dark in the pub later, and you might need to ex­plain why your hair was red, yel­low or what­ever. The com­bi­na­tion of Brains and thin­ners mist put one in a very happy frame of mind. Happy non H&S days, but we got the job done.

Frank Hart, Roath, Cardiff

And to think the EU had us do away with such safe work­ing prac­tices – what were they think­ing? Ed.

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