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OWNED SINCE Jan­uary 2014 MILEAGE SINCE LAST RE­PORT 0 TO­TAL MILEAGE 69,606 LAT­EST COSTS £9.99 and a dented pride

So far the New Year’s res­o­lu­tions have been lim­ited to shed­ding a few pounds in weight and teach­ing my other half to drive.

More than a month in, and I’m still stick­ing to them – but per­haps I should be­lat­edly add ‘not scuff­ing the Mazda’ to the list. Hav­ing man­aged to get through pretty much the whole of 2015 and thou­sands of miles of happy mo­tor­ing dent-free, it would be dur­ing the pe­riod when it wasn’t sup­posed to move at all that I man­aged to blot the Eunos’ oth­er­wise im­pec­ca­ble copy­book.

Tight manou­vres, an al­ley­way that nar­rows the fur­ther you go down it and a dark night are not a

recipe for keep­ing a car un­scathed, but the dam­age was lim­ited to a sur­face scratch on the roadster’s near­side whee­larch. Cue a trip to Hal­fords to pick up a bot­tle of T-Cut’s finest and an evening at the garage that web pro­ducer Calum Brown and I are us­ing as win­ter digs for our clas­sics.

That was just be­fore Christ­mas. Since then, the Mazda’s only been do­ing the short­est of trips, oc­ca­sion­ally fir­ing up to stop the bat­tery go­ing flat and to pre­vent the tyres de­vel­op­ing flflat spots.

Hav­ing dealt with both when I fi­first bought it two years ago, I can’t stress enough that even dur­ing hi­ber­na­tion oc­ca­sion­ally wak­ing cars up helps keep them feel­ing healthy. Imag­ine be­ing bedrid­den for two months and then be­ing asked to pop out to the shops im­me­di­ately af­ter­wards – no won­der H521 NRX gave me weeks of nig­gles when I fi­first got it.

I’d have been happy oc­ca­sion­ally pop­ping over to tuck its blan­ket back in. Or at least I was un­til two things ran out – the petrol, which had left the zippy green roadster mirac­u­lously run­ning on thin air, and the MoT cer­tifi­cate. A jer­rycan sorted the for­mer,

and af­ter a few min­utes of run­ning a bit rich the Mazda was back to its good old self. The lat­ter, on the other hand, is de­fifinitely a sign I need to get her back out again – which is why I’ve booked her in for an­other 12 months’ ticket.

It’s been great hid­ing my pride and joy away from the worst of the win­ter weather, but I can’t wait to get it back out on the B-roads again, where it be­longs. Sum­mer can’t come soon enough!

David, fi­fi­ancée Natalie Bassling and CCW’s web pro­ducer Calum Brown have been get­ting the Mazda up and run­ning through­out its win­ter rest.

Ouch! David’s rub­bish park­ing and a poorly lit al­ley­way didn’t do the Mazda’s rear whee­larch much good.

As much as David en­joyed the Mazda’s abil­ity to run on thin air he wisely thought top­ping up the fuel would help keep it stay mo­bile over the win­ter.

Back at the garage our hum­bled fea­tures editor gets on with ap­ply­ing the T-Cut to the Mazda’s scuff.

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