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Your MGB vs TR7 com­par­i­son ( CCW, 17 Fe­bru­ary) was spot on – fi­nally we are be­gin­ning to ap­pre­ci­ate a very un­der­rated Tri­umph.

I’ve al­ways been a huge fan of MG and Tri­umph sports cars. As a BL ap­pren­tice in the 1970s all I ever wanted was a B or, in my wildest dreams, a TR6. One perk of the job was to ‘bor­row’ BL man­agers’ cars for com­pany busi­ness trips. Mari­nas and Al­le­gros were seen as the norm, but if we ever got hold of a B or a Spit­fire we had hit the jack­pot. One day at Long­bridge I saw a Bul­let pro­to­type, a pre-pro­duc­tion TR7. I thought it was one of the great­est look­ing sports cars ever. Sadly few oth­ers shared my view.

Some years later I had a TR7 hard­top in Per­sian Aqua as a com­pany car, just like the one in your ar­ti­cle. I loved it but al­ways thought the tur­ret top looked odd, with the back win­dow re­mind­ing me of a Ford Anglia.

I still han­kered af­ter a B as I thought in GT form it was a great look­ing car. One week­end I swapped cars with a pal; his black rubber bumper BGT looked great. I loved the ex­haust noise and the driv­ing po­si­tion. All felt fine un­til I tried to go around a round­about at about 5mph less than I went ev­ery day in my 7. What a shock! Mas­sive squeal­ing tyres and roll over­steer by the buck­et­load. It ter­ri­fied me and made me re­alise how much bet­ter the 7 was dy­nam­i­cally. I learned to love the B but I just had to treat it with more re­spect. I never could un­der­stand why the B had such a de­voted fol­low­ing while the 7 has been sub­ject of much ridicule over the years.

So in 2016 how have my views changed? If we com­pare soft top ver­sions of each car, then the 7 wins on looks, room and per­for­mance. The only dis­ad­van­tage with the TR (and it is a big one) is the avail­abil­ity of body pan­els. If only Bri­tish Ley­land had kept the body presses. Dave Han­d­ley, Red­ditch, Worcs

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