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De­bunk­ing the most com­mon old wives’ tales

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with con­tro­versy swirling around its strange evo­lu­tion and trou­bled times, the rear-en­gined cruiser built in North­ern ire­land is a per­fect maker of myths.

1Doors Jam closed af­ter an accident

One ur­ban myth that clings to the car – al­most 9000 ex­am­ples were built be­tween 1980 and ’82 – states the gull­wing doors would jam shut in an accident, trap­ping the oc­cu­pants. We’ve yet to hear of this ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing, al­though the doors can oc­ca­sion­ally re­main stub­bornly closed if a link­age gets mis­aligned. Just in case those doors are still wor­ry­ing you, just re­place the gas struts ev­ery two years; the bits cost less than £100 and the task takes min­utes.

2 Body pan­els can’t be cleaned

Any­one with clammy hands who touched one of these was likely to leave finger marks. The own­ers’ man­ual of­fered a sim­ple so­lu­tion: a gen­tle wipe-down with a lit­tle white spirit or a drop of petrol.

In fact, as DeLorean spe­cial­ists will point out, the stain­less steel has a grain to it, and if you use a stain­less steel pol­ish and work it in along that grain, any­thing gritty en­coun­tered ac­tu­ally adds to the sheen, while you’ll pro­vide an ex­tra layer of pro­tec­tion.

Wire wool-type pads should never be used – they wedge steel de­posits, which turn to speck­led rust! All body pan­els de­tach, so re­pair­ing dented metal is ac­tu­ally quite straight­for­ward.

3 Delorean wasn’t Proven guilty

John Z DeLorean might have been ar­rested for con­spir­acy to ob­tain and sell co­caine in Oc­to­ber 1982, but he was sub­se­quently ac­quit­ted of those charges in Au­gust 1984. In later life, he was tried for fraud, but he was never con­victed for drugs of­fences.

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