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I’m re­ally sur­prised at the uproar re­gard­ing the pos­si­bil­ity of SORN cars re­quir­ing to be in­sured. Why are they not al­ready? We all have our house­hold contents in­sured and even take ad­di­tional cover for jew­ellery and fam­ily trea­sures which rarely leave the house, so why any­one would choose to buy a cher­ished car and leave it unin­sured just be­cause they are not driv­ing it for a while is be­yond my un­der­stand­ing. Clas­sic car in­sur­ance is not so ex­pen­sive when com­pared to the joy we get from ownership and the dif­fer­ence be­tween six months and 12 months in­sur­ance can’t be that great.

Clas­sic cars are of­ten left in lock-up garages re­mote from our homes and vis­ited only oc­ca­sion­ally, and even if it’s a non-run­ner and re­quires restora­tion why would we want to take the chance of it be­ing taken for parts or burned to a crisp with­out some rec­om­pense? We all read

CCW where reg­u­larly there are sto­ries of ve­hi­cles be­ing stolen, stripped or lost due to fires. I feel sorry for any­one who has lost their pride and joy in this man­ner but surely you would in­sure some­thing which has emo­tional and ma­te­rial value. Martin James Wild, Tod­mor­den, West York­shire

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