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No, Mur­ray’s not fi­nally get­ting dap­per – he’s found some­thing grow­ing in his MX-5

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’My car now has moss grow­ing on the in­te­rior. It’s pretty gross’

A polo­gies about the mul­ti­ple Mur­rays in the pic­ture above. It’s sup­posed to show how busy I’ve been with my car of late – which may come as a bit of a sur­prise for reg­u­lar read­ers.

It should also be used as real-life ad­ver­tise­ment for us­ing videos on YouTube as learn­ing tools. Even some­one as ham-fisted and as clumsy as me learnt how to Pho­to­shop var­i­ous Mur­rays into the same frame – and in less than 10 min­utes.

Mean­while my MX-5’s been awo­ken from its win­ter hi­ber­na­tion. Un­help­fully, I’ve lost my in­door stor­age space, so through­out win­ter it’s been kept in the of­fice car park. It’s not glam­orous, but it’s got plenty of other cars for com­pany, and at least it’s been un­der a cover.

Alas, that hasn’t stopped un­wanted stuff go­ing on in­side it – my car now has moss grow­ing on the in­te­rior. For­tu­nately, it’s re­stricted to the driver’s side sun visor. But it’s still gross, although I’ve man­aged to com­bat it us­ing wet wipes and an up­hol­stery cleaner. It’s a con­coc­tion of my own de­vice and it stings the eyes. It also smells a bit like the af­ter­shave an es­tate agent with a mod­ern Audi A4 would wear. But, un­like most es­tate agents, it works ef­fi­ciently.

Keen ob­servers among you (and by that I mean peo­ple who are as anally re­ten­tive as my­self ) will have seen my MX-5 grac­ing the news pages, specif­i­cally the Myth Buster piece in our 1 Fe­bru­ary is­sue. To il­lus­trate this, a pic­ture of the rear end of my car was used. Now, this might sound pretty petty, but I’d for­got­ten just how ugly the rear mud­guards are on the Mazda. See­ing that pic­ture made me de­ter­mined to get rid of those guards for good. They had been on the car for more than 20 years, so it took some mighty ‘per­sua­sion’ to get them off. Af­ter nearly an hour and much swear­ing, I fi­nally prised them off. In my opin­ion, the car looks bet­ter with­out them, although now I have what is known in the Mazda com­mu­nity as the ‘dreaded MX-5 wheel gap’. It might be my age, but I don’t like there be­ing enough room to sail the Ti­tanic be­tween my wheel and arch.

Var­i­ous own­ers’ clubs fo­rums are awash with ad­vice on the mat­ter – I cur­rently have 50 pages of Google re­sults for this is­sue. It seems to me that what I need are big­ger wheels or shorter springs. If you have any sug­ges­tions, please write in.

Else­where, the cam­belt needs chang­ing, a job that’s long over­due. I’ve had a quote from a lo­cal com­pany that seems rea­son­able enough, so next time you see my MX-5 in these pages, you’ll be knee deep in some se­ri­ous, bare-all en­gine scenery. In the mean­time, I do hope the moss doesn’t grow back.

Mur­ray’s MX-5 is in dan­ger of be­ing de­clared an eco-zone.

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