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James’ Mon­deo gets a new wind­screen – good job, judg­ing by the old one!

Classic Car Weekly (UK) - - This Week - JAMES SADLIER MAN­AG­ING ED­I­TOR

Just as I was think­ing about how I’ve had lit­tle to com­plain about since pur­chas­ing the Mon­deo, I no­ticed a prob­lem. Isn’t that typ­i­cal? A crack in the wind­screen had grown larger over the win­ter months and was steadily creep­ing into the wiper-blade area.

A white fog had also started to ap­pear along the wind­screen edges, so I de­cided to re­place it sooner rather than later. A quick call to Na­tional Wind­screens had a book­ing for a re­place­ment ar­ranged and two days later they were there to do the job.

‘They don’t make them like that any more,’ the re­pair man said as he ad­mired the 23-year-old Mon­deo. He men­tioned that his com­pany al­lows him ex­tra time to fit wind­screens on clas­sic cars, be­cause mod­ern cars have a much sim­pler method of re­place­ment. It was also fairly ob­vi­ous that my Mon­deo’s wind­screen hadn’t been changed in a while and the re­pair man had con­cerns that it would fall apart when re­mov­ing it.

Be­fore that, though, he got to work on pre­par­ing the new glass. Af­ter a few sprays of glass cleaner, he ap­plied some primer so the sil­i­cone would take hold. While that rested on a stand glis­ten­ing in the sun­light, he be­gan the ar­du­ous task of re­mov­ing the old glass. As the var­i­ous bits of plas­tic and rub­ber trim were re­moved, the ef­fects of age­ing be­came ap­par­ent.

With a tool like a fine chisel, the re­pair man scored around the out­side of the glass. Tense min­utes passed as he pre­pared the glass for re­moval... then he started to re­move the wind­screen from one cor­ner. It im­me­di­ately shat­tered, halt­ing progress and prompt­ing him to tape along the weak ar­eas of glass to pre­vent the screen end­ing up in hun­dreds of pieces. I wasn’t too fond of glass shards ru­in­ing the im­mac­u­late in­te­rior of the Mon­deo.

With the mask­ing tape in place, the slow process of re­mov­ing the glass be­gan. What was sup­posed to take around 40 min­utes lasted an hour. Once all the old sil­i­cone had been re­moved, the new wind­screen was ready to be fit­ted. This is where the process speeded up – within min­utes the rub­ber and plas­tic fit­tings were be­ing slot­ted back in place.

I had to wait half an hour for the sil­i­cone to set be­fore driv­ing the car. But it was worth the wait – af­ter that I was re­warded with some­thing new on my age­ing Mon­deo, and one less thing that would flag up on a fu­ture MoT!

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