We en­joy the Mor­ris 10M and put it fully to the test

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There are peo­ple within the Mor­ris Reg­is­ter who use their 10Ms on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, but you need to get used to the car’s lim­its. You won’t be thrash­ing your Mor­ris down the mo­tor­way ev­ery day, but per­for­mance is all you need for town work and there shouldn’t be too many near-death ex­pe­ri­ences pulling out of round­abouts. Vis­i­bil­ity isn’t bad – you can see over the front wings – and the brakes aren’t out of touch for town traf­fic. This car could stand up to quite a lot of reg­u­lar use if you look after it, but you might want to find some way of fit­ting a proper heater.


Ev­ery­thing on this car is su­perbly made and of­ten over-en­gi­neered, mean­ing that most com­po­nents have a long life. John Ford of the Mor­ris Reg­is­ter, who runs a 10M, echoes the sen­ti­ments of sev­eral own­ers and spe­cial­ists by rec­om­mend­ing that the car is greased ev­ery 1000 miles. It’s a bit of a pain deal­ing with all those nip­ples but it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so once you’re up to speed. Most me­chan­i­cal com­po­nents are avail­able – if not, there’s usu­ally some­thing adapt­able – and the cars have ex­cel­lent club sup­port. Oil changes should be car­ried out at least once a year, or ev­ery 3000 miles.

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A Mor­ris 10M would surely bring un­con­fined joy at ab­so­lutely any show. And once you’re through the gate, there’s the op­por­tu­nity to bore ev­ery­one sense­less with de­tails of your car’s MG en­gine con­nec­tions. You could sug­gest that peo­ple look at the sep­a­rate chas­sis un­der­neath, only to reveal that there isn’t one. Oh, imag­ine the fun! The 10M should be able to com­plete most road runs with­out trou­ble. You’d al­most feel hon­our-bound to sup­port lo­cal events with your Mor­ris – it’s a car that would bring a smile to any­one’s face.


Imag­ine a week­end tour in your Mor­ris 10 through the Cotswolds or the nicer bits of North York­shire. A route with­out mo­tor­ways and not too many A-roads would be the or­der of the day – so some care­ful plan­ning would be worth­while. There should be enough room for your lug­gage and some spares in the boot. Per­haps tour­ing in this car is a bit like a week­end in a canal boat – you need to ad­just to a slower pace of life and have a great time once you do. The Mor­ris cer­tainly isn’t too heavy to drive, and it’s com­fort­able enough.

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‘Blast’ is a bit of a strong word here. It’s more of a gen­tle re­lease of ki­netic en­ergy. We can hon­estly re­port that this Mor­ris han­dles much bet­ter than you might think – once you’ve mas­tered the dom­i­nant un­der­steer, that is. The steer­ing doesn’t wan­der too much, ei­ther. It’s also nice to closely ad­mire the wild floral joys on the verges and hedgerows as the Mor­ris slowly but surely hauls you up a hill. As we said, bowl­ing along at 55mph is well within the Mor­ris’ ca­pa­bil­i­ties so just hunt down those B-roads and en­joy the ex­pe­ri­ence. Speed isn’t ev­ery­thing, you know.

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