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I was drawn to The Way We Were pic­ture of In­ver­ness in the late 1960s in the 17 May edi­tion and the pic­ture of a white Vaux­hall Vic­tor 101.

You sug­gest the 101 des­ig­na­tion stemmed from its al­leged 101 im­prove­ments over the pre­vi­ous FB model. Are you sure this is cor­rect? I re­call the 101 des­ig­na­tion re­flected the en­gine size of the ve­hi­cle, this be­ing 101 cu­bic inches in USA/GM speak. Would you agree? As far as I re­mem­ber, only one en­gine was of­fered in what looks a 1965 model in the pic­ture. The FC was sup­ported by three trim/equip­ment lev­els – 101 Ba­sic, Su­per and Deluxe. The Deluxe may have come with leather trim and a four-speed floor-mounted gear shift/or pow­er­glide auto. On the Su­per a three-speed col­umn gear shifter was em­ployed along with Vynide trim. I was a teenager when these cars were com­mon­place. My fa­ther had a PB from the Cresta/Velox range at the time with the en­gine rated at 3.3 litres. This ca­pac­ity equated to 201 cu­bic inches I be­lieve. I learned to drive us­ing this ve­hi­cle; and once I’d passed my test, it was a nice car to go cruis­ing in. The only down­side to it was its ap­petite for fuel. I’m sure the 101 was a much bet­ter bet at the petrol pumps.

Mike Chilton, Nor­folk

The 101 im­prove­ments over the pre­vi­ous FB model idea was quoted by Vaux­hall some years fol­low­ing the car’s launch. Ac­tu­ally, it turns out that ‘101’ was planned as the start of a nu­mer­i­cal se­ries – un­til Peu­geot went and copy­right-reg­is­tered all vari­a­tions of three digit num­bers with a zero in the mid­dle in late 1965 – Ed.

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