Will Daniels, Brightwells

Brightwells un­der­stands how the mar­ket changes


Why did Brightwells cre­ate a sep­a­rate Mod­ern Clas­sics sale?

The rea­son be­hind the Mod­ern Clas­sics sale is that we iden­ti­fied a niche new mar­ket op­por­tu­nity given what we had ob­served was com­ing to us for the classic sales, but also what buy­ers were ask­ing us for. Buy­ers were com­ing to the classic and vin­tage sales and ask­ing ‘where are all the classic cars’ with­out re­al­is­ing how sales had be­come dom­i­nated, not by ’50s and ’60s clas­sics, but ’80s and ’90s ve­hi­cles that both come out of, and go in to, a dif­fer­ent mar­ket seg­ment. We also noted that these mod­ern cars at­tracted a dif­fer­ent crowd of buy­ers.

How has the mar­ket re­acted?

Cus­tomer re­ac­tion has been pos­i­tive and it’s a well-re­ceived con­cept. There will al­ways be those who want to see you fail, or get the hump when their car doesn’t sell, (this is usu­ally be­cause they wanted too much, or their ex­pec­ta­tions were too high and they were not open-minded). There are no fixed rules with an auc­tion – it’s some­where be­tween trade and re­tail with anom­alies on ei­ther side.

Do you have any hard and fast rules re­gard­ing cars en­tered?

Our aim is to cover 1980s-2000s ma­chin­ery but some newer cars such as the Jaguar F-type are clearly an in­stant mod­ern classic. We try to steer clear of mun­dane, run of the mill cars. We turn down ve­hi­cles ev­ery­day that we don’t feel meet our cri­te­ria, such as MGFs, Met­ros, and other nor­mal cars. We don’t want the sale to be full of bor­ing, mun­dane, ev­ery­day cars.

What do your buy­ers like, and how do you re­tain in­ter­est?

BMWs, Jaguars, Mercedes-Ben­zes and Porsches are al­ways pop­u­lar, but we need to be care­ful we don’t fill the sales with too many of (a) the same make, or (b) the same mod­els: For ex­am­ple, too many Jaguar XJ sa­loons, or Mercedes-Benz SLs or BMW 3 Se­ries. E30 3 Se­ries BMWs are al­ways pop­u­lar and the Mercedes-Benz W124 cabri­o­lets are of­ten a hit.

‘Cus­tomer re­ac­tion has been pos­i­tive’

Any tips re­gard­ing fu­ture col­lectibles?

In the fu­ture, ones to watch are the BMW Z3, BMW 840, Bent­ley Ar­nage, Audi RS and S cars, M-pow­ered BMWs such as Z3M and M3 mod­els, and fast Fords, such as the mint low mileage Fi­esta XR2 in that sold for £9600 in April this year.

Brightwells’ Fi­esta XR2 MkII sold for £9600 back in April. AUC­TION VIEW

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