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Classic Car Weekly (UK) - - This Week - MATTHEW NOR­BURY, NORTH WALES JAG CEN­TRE

Matthew Nor­bury, North Wales Jag Cen­tre

You’ve built a strong rep­u­ta­tion for ser­vic­ing and sales, but how’s the restora­tion side do­ing?

It’s do­ing well, but restora­tion is a slow process. Cus­tomers can’t click their fin­gers and ex­pect the job to be done like that. I nor­mally ex­pect a job to take be­tween eight and 10 months and you’ve got to take into ac­count the parts sup­ply and the com­plex­ity of any Jaguar. It’s a case of not just work­ing on a car, but aim­ing to do it prop­erly and not cut cor­ners. It’s all the de­tails that count.

Can you give us an ex­am­ple of a car you have re­stored?

The most re­cent one was an Amer­i­can-mar­ket Se­ries 3 E-type Coupé. It had been pre­pared and painted but baked too quickly so the paint had cracked and looked like crazy paving. I spent 140 hours on it and there were another 130 hours at the paintshop.

What work did you do?

The seats were trimmed by another com­pany while I tack­led the head­lin­ing and the trim on the pil­lars, and the car­pets. I also changed ev­ery rub­ber and seal, as well as screws and riv­ets. Me­chan­i­cally I con­verted it to UK-spec­i­fi­ca­tion, fit­ting SU car­bu­ret­tors and chang­ing the dif­fer­en­tial to a UK-mar­ket type. The aim was for it to look like a car that’s been prop­erly lookedafter rather than just be­ing re­stored.

‘It’s a case of not just work­ing on a car, but aim­ing to do it all prop­erly. De­tails count’

When it comes to ser­vic­ing rather than re­pairs, are you see­ing many XJ-Ss and Se­ries/XJ40 XJs?

If we see 10 XJ-Ss in for ser­vic­ing in a year I’d be sur­prised. XJ40 saloons are even rarer – the first this year was a cou­ple of weeks ago, from Den­mark! On the other hand we do see plenty of XJ8s, XFs and S-Types.

What Jaguars are best value?

All S-Types are great value and they re­ally can’t get any cheaper than they are now. XK8s are def­i­nitely great value, too, and I’m of­ten asked for very late first-gen­er­a­tion cars.

With an XK8, what should buy­ers be look­ing out for?

The floor­pans can go on the pas­sen­ger side, but that’s not cat­a­strophic. The front sub­frames can go at 70,000 or so miles. If they’re not re­paired, fur­ther work can cost around £1000. With any XK8, any prob­lems should be nipped in the bud straight away.

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