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Sell­ing cars can be a stress­ful busi­ness. It may pro­vide an easy laugh to poke fun at deal­ers, or crit­i­cise, but af­ter a good three months of false dawns, oft-dis­ap­pear­ing view­ers and ul­ti­mately dis­ap­point­ing lengthy email in­ter­changes, the W123 has gone. Kris Arvind, a bud­ding stand-up co­me­dian, has picked up the ba­ton – let’s hope own­er­ship doesn’t rob him of his sense of hu­mour. In fair­ness, the buy­ing and sell­ing process wasn’t ex­actly easy for ei­ther of us.

I’ll be hon­est – upon re­flec­tion, £7000 was a bit am­bi­tious. I’d have been over­joyed with £6k. But when Kris found a dab of rust at the base of the door that I hadn’t no­ticed, even that seemed a lit­tle un­re­al­is­tic. Still, Kris seemed pleased with the car – but it’s not ac­tu­ally for him.

YYB 350S is a 60th birth­day present for his fa­ther, Devji. He spent a long time in South Africa, and idolised the W123s built at Mercedes-benz’s East London fac­tory. And to think my dad was happy with yet another book on jazz in­ter­views for his last an­niver­sary… We shook on £5300.

The only prob­lem for Kris was get­ting home from the test day. The BMW 3 Series E36 he turned up in had over­heated at Peter­bor­ough Ser­vices while wait­ing for me to turn up. We’d hoped the prob­lem would have re­solved it­self by the time we’d re­turned, and we thought it had – but Kris got half­way back home to London when the 3 Series gave up the ghost.

Bet­ter news for the Mercedes – all was sorted for a cou­ple of weeks later, and af­ter the pa­per­work was done, it was time to say good­bye to the W123.

Upon re­flec­tion, though my time with YYB350S wasn’t al­ways easy, and that my aim to im­prove my me­chan­i­cal abil­ity didn’t hap­pen, I’m still glad I itched the W123 scratch again. Though not the most ex­cit­ing of cars, they’re full of char­ac­ter and great to bim­ble around in. For taller driv­ers there’s bags of space, too.

The good news is that Kris made it back down the A1 in the Mercedes in fine form, some­thing his BMW didn’t. It’s now wait­ing for a spot of fet­tling be­fore sum­mer’s en­joy­ment – I wish Kris and his fa­ther well.

A few weeks on, do I miss the W123? Not re­ally – but then I am be­ing kept busy by the lift-off over­steer ten­den­cies of my new toy, an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA.

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