Own­ing an Alfetta GTV

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‘The early cars are hideous rot­ters, even by the stan­dards of the Seven­ties,’ says ‘transaxle’ Alfa spe­cial­ist Alex Jupe, who ran GTVS as daily-driv­ers for 15 years, cov­er­ing 250,000 miles. ‘The bodyshells weren’t primed, seam-sealed or rust­proofed and you can’t buy re­pair pan­els, so ev­ery­thing has to be hand­made nowa­days. If you buy an Alfetta GTV that turns out to be full of filler, it could end up cost­ing be­tween £15,000 and £30,000 to put right. ‘Be­cause of this, it’s ac­tu­ally in­creas­ingly com­mon for own­ers to cus­tomise them with parts from later GTV6S and 75 sa­loons. The sus­pen­sion on these early GTVS is much bet­ter, but the gear­box is very vague and they drive bet­ter with one from a 75. The velour seats wear out fast too, so you’ll of­ten find them fit­ted with leather items from a GTV6. ‘Over my time with GTVS, the only prob­lems en­coun­tered in reg­u­lar run­ning were elec­tri­cal, be­cause of their open con­nec­tors cor­rod­ing, but the me­chan­i­cal parts are very re­li­able if prop­erly main­tained. But if they were sub­jected to daily use the rot al­ways got them in the end. If you buy one, treat it with Dini­trol as soon as pos­si­ble!’

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