Tri­umph TR6

Fol­low­ing a body restora­tion just over a decade ago, this orig­i­nal UK mar­ket TR6 is hold­ing up ex­tremely well, says Russ Smith

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With so many repa­tri­ated ex­port Tri­umphs about, there’s al­ways interest in orig­i­nal UK cars. This is one of the later ‘CR’ chas­sis code mod­els with the slightly lower power out­put that al­legedly makes them more re­fined. The ex­ten­sive his­tory file con­tains plenty of pho­tos and bills for a body restora­tion just over 10 years ago. Since then the car has said to only have been used in sum­mer months.

All that is borne out by how the car looks to­day: nice panel fit, with a paint fin­ish that is ob­vi­ously not in the first flush of youth but is still good and even across the car, with no dings and, more im­por­tantly, no rust bub­bles pop­ping up any­where.

The chrome is less good, though far from bad. The front bumper is scratched in places and has a small dink in the cen­tre; the rear has been pol­ished through the plat­ing at one end. There are a cou­ple of pits in the door han­dles, but the rest is OK, in­clud­ing the shiny twin ex­haust tips. It wears the right re­flec­tive num­ber­plates, but a black and sil­ver set is in­cluded.

The tyres are match­ing Miche­lin En­ergy 195/70x15s with plenty of tread, al­though the date stamps say they’re around 10 years old, so they should be re­placed fairly soon. They are mounted on well-painted steel wheels with un­marked trims, al­though the TR6 badges on the cen­tre caps are faded.

Un­der the bon­net there’s plenty of ev­i­dence of re­cent work, with some freshlook­ing pipes and a newish ra­di­a­tor, al­ter­na­tor and Lu­me­ni­tion ig­ni­tion mod­ule. The ‘high out­put’ HT leads look pretty new as well. Oil is clear and up to level. In places the en­gine bay could use a bit of de­tail­ing work if you plan on show­ing it off any­where, but this car feels like more of a driver and on that score it has a re­cent Lu­cas fuel in­jec­tion pump and al­loy rather than rub­ber steer­ing rack mounts.

The in­te­rior is largely very good, with new sill kick plates, black leather seats that barely look sat on and door­cards in sim­i­larly good con­di­tion, all adding to the im­pres­sion that this TR has had plenty spent on its up­keep over the years. There’s also a mod­ernish Sony CD stereo unit and a small di­am­e­ter leather-rimmed Mo­tolita wheel. All we could fault was some de­te­ri­o­ra­tion to the dash­board lac­quer in places and a small split in the dash-top vinyl above the glove­box.

Un­sur­pris­ingly the car drives very well with no flaws in any area – even the over­drive kicks in and out in­stantly. Oil pres­sure holds at a de­cent 70psi above 2500rpm and even on a hot day the tem­per­a­ture gauge never reached half­way.

This is a nice car in the kind of con­di­tion that would al­low you to en­joy it prop­erly with­out feel­ing too pre­cious. Re­fresh­ingly, it has been priced ac­cord­ingly, which al­lows room to spend a few quid on im­prov­ing some cos­met­ics.

Only minor flaws in ex­cel­lent in­te­rior

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