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The 2006-on CL63 AMG isn’t just gor­geous; it has su­per­car heave too. De­lim­ited, it can knock on the door of 190mph and nail the 60 sprint in just 4.5 sec­onds. Yet you can buy an ’07 ex­am­ple for less than £25k and it needn’t have racked up an in­ter­ga­lac­tic mileage ei­ther. Bournemouth High Per­for­mance has a 2007 CL63 in black with 46,000 miles and FMBSH for just £22,950.

But to un­der­stand what a ground-trem­bling bar­gain the AMG CL re­ally is you need to take a mo­ment to soak in the men­ac­ing mus­cu­lar­ity of those lines and savour the wob­wob­wob of that glo­ri­ous V8. The pre­vi­ous-gen­er­a­tion CL55 was fierce enough but the later 2006-on ver­sions have even more grunt yet a much more re­fined and com­plete char­ac­ter.

Find a high-spec ex­am­ple (new list was near £120k with op­tions) and you’ll get heated, cooled and mas­sag­ing seats with elec­tric cor­ner­ing bolsters, soft-close doors, key­less en­try and start, night vision cam­eras and even an IWC clock in the dash­board.

Se­lect the Com­fort gear­box set­ting and de­spite 19-inch rims and wafer-thin low-pro­file rub­ber the ride qual­ity could shame a Bent­ley. This is a sen­sa­tion­ally well-rounded per­for­mance mis­sile.

And while it might not have the pe­tite ac­cu­racy of a Golf R you can still hus­tle it around with sur­pris­ing con­fi­dence thanks to ABC body con­trol, adap­tive dampers, poised and com­mu­nica­tive steer­ing plus a zil­lion dif­fer­ent sus­pen­sion and gear­box set­tings.

The 7G gear­box works bet­ter in the CL63 than in many other AMG of­fer­ings, with light­ning-fast shifts and a de­monic ex­haust cackle on the over­run.

Punt the CL63 hard and it feels like it could worry a Fer­rari 458 with its re­lent­less surge and epic stop­ping power from com­pos­ite discs the size of din­ner plates. You’ll find your brain backs off the power long before any­thing be­neath you on the tar­mac comes un­stuck or starts to slide.

In a straight line it rips through those seven gears and bounces off the speed lim­iter like hit­ting a punch­bag. Re­strict­ing this car’s ve­loc­ity is like ask­ing Pablo Pi­casso to paint with an aerosol.

Later Mercedes CL AMGS were down­sized with the 5.5-litre bi-turbo en­gine, but the old-school nor­mally as­pi­rated 525bhp 6.3 V8 gives this gen­er­a­tion of CL its vis­ceral magic.

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