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Classic Dirtbike - - Contents - Tim Brit­ton Words and pics:

...a side­car tri­als bike in your life, yes you do, you may not re­alise it but you do and this is where we tell you why. Feel free to dis­agree.

You may not have re­alised it, but what is sadly lack­ing in your shed, garage or work­shop is a side­car tri­als out­fit like the Yamaha Mono in our pic­tures. With such a beast in the shed a whole new world awaits you – imag­ine if you could go back to the start of your tri­als rid­ing yet still know what you know now. With a side­car out­fit then that can hap­pen – a novice with ex­pe­ri­ence so to speak. Prob­lem is, what you’ve learnt af­ter years of solo rid­ing is about as much use as a choco­late fire­guard when a third wheel is added.

First off the out­fit doesn’t go where it should un­less the team – and it is a team – works to­gether. For some rea­son, the team mem­ber in the chair is of­ten re­ferred to as a pas­sen­ger. This is in­cor­rect as in an off-road out­fit there are no such things as pas­sen­gers, rather both peo­ple on the out­fit have to work in har­mony or it will go wrong. Trust me on that… I speak from ex­pe­ri­ence.

There has been a re­cent resur­gence in side­car pop­u­lar­ity, or at least in the sport­ing world, and this is largely due to a ded­i­cated band of char­i­o­teers who have taken it on them­selves to put on events. One such band reg­u­larly demon­strates this gen­tle art at Stafford show­ground twice a year and it al­ways at­tracts a de­cent au­di­ence. Quizzing the watch­ers I found the ma­jor­ity were in dis­be­lief that such ob­sta­cles were pos­si­ble with an out­fit, oth­ers were aware of such skills but didn’t fancy see­ing if they per­son­ally could learn them. There were also a few… a much smaller num­ber it has to be said… who thought ‘you know what? That looks fun…’

Pretty much any tri­als bike can be fit­ted with a chair, set­ting one up isn’t par­tic­u­larly dif­fi­fi­fi­cult though ad­vice from those who have set them up is best the first few times. Such terms as toe-in and lean-out are not bandied around these days un­like the old days when a side­car was the way the fam­ily man carted his fam­ily about.

Any­way, we say you owe it to your­self to try side­car tri­als, if only to prove you don’t want to do it but then again maybe, just maybe, a chair will end up in your shed. )

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