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Some own­ers feel that there’s more en­gine noise on the 1800 thanks to cam-chains and shim and bucket valve ad­just­ment, over the pre­vi­ous ver­sion’s belts/hy­draulic valve ad­justers. Some is­sues with ex­haust sen­sors were ini­tially re­ported – Wings that gulp down fuel are the biggest give-aways of this is­sue. The ra­di­a­tors (mounted one each side above the mo­tor) may make the bike slim­mer, but a num­ber of own­ers report that the Wing does of­ten run hot, with some early 2001/04 mod­els ac­tu­ally over­heat­ing. Back in 2003 Honda did a re­call of po­ten­tially af­fected bikes across both Europe and the USA where frames were in­spected for any is­sues and re­me­dial work be­ing un­der­taken to re­pair frames that were found to be faulty. The Uk/ir­ish VIN num­bers in­cluded GL1800A2 ABS model from 1HFSC47A72A101111 up to and in­clud­ing 1HFSC47A12A101170. GL1800A3 ABS from 1HFSC47A43A200051 to 1HFSC47A53A200110, but most (if not all) of these will have been sorted now. Other is­sues in­cluded squeaky rear brakes, which was sorted with dif­fer­ent pads, CD chang­ers swal­low­ing discs whole and dam­ag­ing them (I had this hap­pen more than once…) and kill-switches cut­ting out the en­gines, of­ten at the most alarm­ing mo­ments! Again, this was the sub­ject of a re­call in 2002 which should see all mod­i­fi­ca­tions hav­ing been com­pleted. Apart from pan­nier latches catch­ing and lac­quer peel­ing off the wheels (es­pe­cially if used in rain/salty roads of­ten) the Wing is a very re­li­able piece of kit! Oh and do keep tabs on the steer­ing head bear­ings (ball in the 1800, not ta­pered as be­fore) and check ev­ery 10,000 miles at least.

1800 whups 1500 ev­ery time. That’s devel­op­ment...

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