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Hi guys, I’m look­ing for some help ac­tu­ally! My wife Carol loves her bikes as much as I do, (it’s what got us to­gether 37 years ago) and her favourite bike was a VFR750 she bought in about 1993/4. It was painted in RC30 colours (from new we be­lieve) and we did the fam­ily hol­i­day with our girls on the bikes for sev­eral years as I had a Honda Su­per Black­bird. Carol sold the bike some years later af­ter hav­ing put about 40k on the clock. Of course, other bikes came and went, in­clud­ing a KTM Su­per Duke and a Tri­umph Tiger 800 but then two and a half years ago she had a ma­jor stroke and we sold all of our bikes. Fast for­ward to 2016 and she has made such a fan­tas­tic re­cov­ery she asked me to start look­ing for a bike for her so she could go for short rides. One look on ebay and there was her old VFR! Twelve years later on and with only an­other 4k on the clock. A week later and we were col­lect­ing the bike (along with a sec­ond VFR mi­nus body­work) from Som­er­set way. So, here’s the bit where I want help. On the in­side of the body­work pan­els from when she first owned it, had been in­scribed the words ‘A TEAM’. I of­ten won­dered if the bike from new had been used in an en­durance race or if it had just been a demo but can any­one out there en­lighten us? At­tached are a cou­ple of pho­tos, one from back in the day and one from Carol’s first ride this year. Lov­ing the mag, keep up the good work. Ber­tie says: “Wow Steve! What a fan­tas­tic story, glad Carol has made such a great re­cov­ery. Well, can any VFR lovers/own­ers help with this story?”

Carol now (above) and then...

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