2003 Yamaha YZF-R6

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Q:My clutch lever has al­ways been stiff since I got the bike in De­cem­ber 2014. I’ve changed the cable and all the clutch pres­sure and fric­tion plates. The stack is 43mm, thick pres­sure plate in first then the two thin fric­tion plates al­ter­nated with the rest, and I still have the same prob­lem. I fit­ted the orig­i­nal springs to see if the new ones were heavy duty ones, still the same. My friendly me­chanic is as mys­ti­fied as I am! Gary David­son

A:Your de­scrip­tion of the lay­out of the clutch it­self and the fact that you have bought a new cable (is it gen­uine Yamaha though?) is a good sign but I do think the way for­ward here is to get hold of the Yamaha man­ual and check ab­so­lutely ev­ery­thing to do with the lever, cable and its rout­ing, op­er­at­ing mech­a­nism and clutch it­self. I can tell you it is ex­tremely com­pre­hen­sive on this sub­ject, tak­ing you through ev­ery as­pect that can be checked, in­clud­ing clutch lever free play and how to ad­just it, the ex­act way to route the cable, all the mea­sure­ments and checks for the clutch and set­ting up the op­er­at­ing mech­a­nism in­clud­ing even which type of grease to use. If you fol­low all these rec­om­men­da­tions it sim­ply MUST work prop­erly! cmm

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