Paul Jayson on prices for the orig­i­nal ma­chines.

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Let’s start at the be­gin­ning: sand­cast prices vary hugely but there are no bar­gains out there for gen­uine ma­chines, those that will in­crease in value. The sale of the pro­to­type ear­lier this year at £161,000 has started a me­te­oric rise in prices that will con­tinue and will raise prices of sim­i­lar ma­chines. Yes, peo­ple are bring­ing them in for around £30,000 but they will never in­crease in value and may well never be ride­able ma­chines. So, one that is a good in­vest­ment will cost you around £40-£45,000. Good luck with any­thing cheaper and get the ma­chine checked out by some­one who really un­der­stands th­ese ma­chines for what they are. Honda CB750 Die-casts are around the £20,000 mark. Yes, there are cheaper ones out there and they are cheap for a rea­son. So what of the younger mod­els? Well, for a Honda CB750 K1 to K6, if ev­ery­thing is spot on with th­ese ma­chines they can reach £15,000, but ab­so­lutely ev­ery­thing has to be fac­tory orig­i­nal. Of the rest, the Honda CB750 K7 can get up to £5000 for a per­fect ex­am­ple, then we look at the F-mod­els. A CB750 F1 can re­alise up to £8500 for really per­fect ma­chines. From there, an F2 could re­alise £7500 for a per­fect ex­am­ple and £6500 for a mint F3. Now let’s talk about a gen­uine Honda Bri­tain CB750 Phil Read Replica. I be­lieve that prices will se­ri­ously ex­plode over time with th­ese ma­chines, due to their place in his­tory, but only for gen­uine ex­am­ples. Most are not gen­uine ma­chines and most do not have all the tiny de­tails that the gen­uine bikes had. Most are out­side of the cor­rect chas­sis num­ber range, as Honda Bri­tain sold a kit to make your own Phil Read Replica. It is hard to value th­ese, as there are only about 50 left and they are in very strong hands. I don’t know any­one who will let theirs go for any­thing un­der £25,000. There may be cheaper ones around, but you need to def­i­nitely know that it is gen­uine and one of those built by Honda Bri­tain. And what about a Honda Bri­tain CB750 F3? If this is one of the orig­i­nals and has all of those lit­tle de­tails they came with, then they are worth a bit less than the Phil Read, as many more were pro­duced and they are the sec­ond year of pro­duc­tion, but I’d say up to £15,000. Whether or not you know loads about mo­tor­cy­cles, if you are in­ter­ested in any way about your ma­chine be­ing an in­vest­ment, then get ex­pert advice and help when look­ing for a ma­chine. You will pay more than on in­ter­net auc­tion sites, but if you want a Pi­casso then look in the right place, as Pi­cas­sos are not sold on in­ter­net auc­tion sites…

Prices can be sky high for early mod­els. Honda Bri­tains are head­ing north...

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