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Want ac­cess to is­sues of CMM go­ing back to 2005? Want to find that road test be­fore putting down your hard-earned cash, or per­haps you’re af­ter a par­tic­u­lar work­shop ar­ti­cle to help in the restora­tion of your lat­est project? Then CMM EX­TRA can help! If you’re a sub­scriber you can have all of the last 210 is­sues of CMM at your very fin­ger­tips… Roughly, we reckon that’s 10.5 mil­lion words at your beck and call and around two thou­sand tests with around 2500 step-by-step work­shop guides or project bike ar­ti­cles ready to be plun­dered. Want to know what Niall Macken­zie thought of his re­stored RD350LC? Dead sim­ple – en­ter 350LC into the search en­gine and ev­ery is­sue it’s men­tioned in will pop up – so you can search through EV­ERY is­sue where the leg­endary 350LC crops up. Want to find out how Steve Cooper re-spoked a wheel? Sim­ply en­ter the words into the search en­gine and up it will pop. If we’ve done it in the last 13 years – it’s on there. Not only that, but we will be adding more is­sues onto this price­less data­base over time. We think CMM EX­TRA could be as handy a tool as your favourite span­ner… And all you need to do is SUB­SCRIBE! See pages 40-41 for how to do that. cmm

and wrote down an ini­tial list of big items – a bar­rel, base gas­kets, head gas­kets, clutch cover gas­ket, wa­ter-pump seal kit and bear­ing, out­put shaft seal, gear se­lec­tor shaft seal, kick-starter shaft seal, clutch ac­tu­a­tion arm seal, the ba­sics. Then I went over it all again a bit slower, work­ing my way from one end of the bench to the other but still just go­ing off mem­ory and ex­pe­ri­ence on these en­gines – two cylin­der base dow­els miss­ing, a few studs, head dow­els miss­ing, cop­per washers and head nuts not all there, pow­er­valve cover gas­kets and shaft seals, one pow­er­valve cable bracket, an oil in­jec­tion hose noz­zle for one cylin­der, coun­ter­shaft sprocket re­tain­ing cir­clip, a miss­ing clutch spring, a miss­ing clutch steel and fi­bre plate, oil pump drive gear re­tain­ing pin, some other more ob­vi­ous parts… pis­ton cir­clips, small end bear­ings and gud­geon pins, etc. I then quit for the evening but as I re­tired to the land of zeds that night my night-time’s read­ing was not CMM but the Suzuki RGV250 work­shop man­ual… The next arvo in the shed I went through the parts with man­ual and parts cat­tle dog in hand – pow­er­valve re­turn springs (the in­ter­nal ones), pow­er­valve re­tain­ing screws, one pow­er­valve shaft and grub screw, pow­er­valve spac­ers and re­tain­ing plate and bolts, pow­er­valve cover screws, one ex­ter­nal pow­er­valve re­turn spring, bar­rel nuts, ex­haust flange studs for both bar­rels, oil in­jec­tion re­turn check valves (more on these later), one reed block and reed set, a few gear­box shims, dow­els for the cas­sette gear­box main plate, se­lec­tor drum bear­ing, nut and spacer that re­tains the kick-starter mech­a­nism spring, gear­box drain plug and washer (I also no­ticed the cover needed a thread re­pair), lock­ing washer for pri­mary drive gear re­tain­ing nut and a few other small bits and pieces. Once I had the fi­nal list and af­ter an­other once-over, I was con­fi­dent that I was ready to or­der the parts re­quired, so I jumped on­line and or­dered the lot that night (no small task) from a lo­cal Suzuki deal­er­ship who had al­most all in stock and at good prices, as this dealer was heav­ily in­volved in 250 pro­duc­tion rac­ing in the 1990s… Then came the wait­ing game. I have learned in the past not to start an en­gine build un­til all parts are at hand so for now it was time to cover the en­gine and find an­other project for a few weeks… cmm

This is the fin­ished en­gine, which we will get to next is­sue.

Next is­sue we as­sem­ble the en­gine from the bot­tom up and have a few more beers. See you next month!

Where I stood for days on end wash­ing parts.

Studs and threads cleaned up ready for assem­bly.

The re­pair job on the dam­aged J208 top case, came up okay once fin­ished off.

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