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After years of use and hav­ing been baked by UV rays, the orig­i­nal plas­tic sun vi­sor mount­ings fit­ted to many clas­sic Porsches can crack, al­low­ing the vi­sors to flap around freely.

As a more per­ma­nent so­lu­tion than a sim­ple ex­change part, Her­itage Parts Cen­tre have stocked up on these re­place­ments, which are en­gi­neered with alu­minium bod­ies, re­plac­ing the plas­tic. Still fea­tur­ing the pol­ished steel pin that slides into to the sun vi­sor, the body of the clip takes the OE form, but is fin­ished in black pow­der coat rather than plain plas­tic.

Stronger, un­af­fected by UV and more durable in ex­tremes of tem­per­a­ture, it is the per­fect up­grade for this small but es­sen­tial com­po­nent. Priced each at £26.95 for Cabri­o­let and Targa mod­els and £44.95 each for the more com­pli­cated curved pin. Or­der on­line at Her­itageparts­cen­ or speak to the sales team on 01273 444044. Quote promo code CP17 to get an ex­tra 5 per cent off your first or­der!

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