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I greatly en­joy read­ing your mag­a­zine – each is­sue is packed with in­for­ma­tion and fas­ci­nat­ing tales that take me back to my early days of Porsche own­er­ship in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Back then, I used to own, first of all, a 356B coupé, fol­lowed by a 356C Road­ster and fi­nally a new 911T. Of the three cars, I en­joyed the 911 most of all as I felt the 356 was show­ing its age by the mid-1960s. Nice cars, but slightly out of date by then (Iʼm sure that com­ment wonʼt go down well, but itʼs true – at least, in my mind).

When I went into my lo­cal Porsche deal­er­ship here in Pasadena, I had no idea what colour Porsche I wanted. I thought Iʼd take a look through some colour charts and go from there. Top of my list was red, fol­lowed by what I think they called Light Ivory. I hated any kind of yel­low or green, and was­nʼt keen on blue.

Your cover fea­ture on the paint to sam­ple 911S (in is­sue #56, which my daugh­ter bought for me when she was in Lon­don last month) jogged my mem­ory. When I spoke to the sales­man, I had no idea you could or­der a Porsche in what­ever colour you liked, as long as you could pro­vide a sam­ple and were pre­pared to pay a small pre­mium for the plea­sure – I think I was quoted well un­der $1000 for what he re­ferred to as ʻspe­cial or­der paintʼ.

That set me think­ing, and I looked around to see if there was any colour that grabbed my at­ten­tion. My fi­ancée (now wife) was wear­ing a pretty flo­ral dress, and had a bur­gundy hand­bag to match. That was it! That was the colour! But how to match it?

It was my wife who sug­gested hand­ing over her bag (as long as I re­placed it), so as far as I know, it was sent off to Ger­many with the or­der for my car. Whether that re­ally hap­pened or not, I guess Iʼll never know, but about three months later, the car was de­liv­ered – mi­nus the hand­bag… Oh well, at least I now owned a rather nice shiny new 911 in an un­usual colour.

Thanks for re­mind­ing me of a very happy pe­riod in my life. Soon after, though, I was drafted into the Army and sent out to Viet­nam… Gene Erik­son, via E-mail


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