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Did you know that you can buy any im­age from our ar­chive for your own use? Clas­sic Racer has tens of thou­sands of some of the great­est pic­tures ever taken. Here’s one that we like in par­tic­u­lar.

At a time when we all thought we knew who was who and what was what, Amer­ica stepped up to the Match Race plate and gave us the per­sonal bat­tle be­tween the fire­brand Texan and the su­per-cool Cal­i­for­nian. The Match Race for­mula was manna to their rac­ing ethos. Bru­tal and brash. Brilliance and bravado. It all came to­gether in a com­bi­na­tion of fair­ing shards and big slides. Wayne him­self tells the story of how se­ri­ous things were be­com­ing in Peter Clif­ford’s ter­rific book ‘Kevin Sch­wantz, the World’s Cham­pion’. “It’s true that we did have some an­i­mos­ity go­ing, but that is kind of in­evitable when you are rac­ing to­gether so hard like that. When we went to the match races, Sch­wantz and I started bang­ing into each other pretty hard. I re­mem­ber then think­ing that if this guy wants to win that bad then he’s go­ing to be tough to deal with. I know how much I wanted to win and it looked as though he was get­ting to the point of want­ing to win just as much. “If we’d been smart about it we could have ended up with a whole lot more money in our pock­ets. A cou­ple of the guys in the team said, ‘well why don’t you and Sch­wantz get to­gether and agree who is go­ing to win all th­ese races and then pick up the bonus and split it with the team’. Well I wasn’t about to go over there and ask him that, and he never came to me, so we just raced. If I re­mem­ber he won the first race and I took the sec­ond, so that pretty much put an end to it. “In 1987 he won five races and I won three but I won the cham­pi­onship. He was happy that he won five races. I didn’t like the fact that he had won those five races but I had won the cham­pi­onship, and that is what peo­ple re­mem­ber.”

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