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Dear CR Just a note to say I agree en­tirely with your views on so called ‘replica’ rac­ers (see right) which of course are noth­ing of the kind. The RC142 looka­likes are pos­si­bly the worst ex­am­ple. I was also at the 1000 Bikes meet­ing at Mal­lory, in fact priv­i­leged to be out on the track along­side your­self on the Honda four. As you men­tion there were a lot (too many) of the Honda four ‘con­cept bikes’ around that day. To me, per­haps the worst part was see­ing them dis­played in the pad­dock along­side gen­uine CR rac­ers; many pun­ters to­tally be­lieved they were look­ing at a col­lec­tion of gen­uine 1960s fac­tory bikes; the same peo­ple were com­pletely ig­nor­ing a beau­ti­ful and to­tally orig­i­nal CR110 racer and a few CR93S too. With re­spect to the CBR250RR bikes, I can’t re­ally un­der­stand any­one who spends huge amounts of money to build a ‘rac­ing’ bike that, as far as I know, can’t ac­tu­ally be raced at any event any­where in the world. Den­nis Murfin Email

Dear CR Al­though I have a great re­spect for Malc Wheeler I find his views on repli­cas a bit dis­ap­point­ing to say the least. I am fully aware that my replica/ looka­like is a sec­ond rate al­ter­na­tive to the real thing and I strongly be­lieve any rare ap­pear­ance of an orig­i­nal should be given pride of place over any replica or re­cre­ation. On say­ing that, I be­lieve there is a place for repli­cas be­cause back in the 1960s the Ja­panese placed no value in his­tory and so most of those fan­tas­tic works bikes were de­stroyed, leav­ing us with very few, which are now ei­ther mu­seum ex­hibits or locked away in dark cel­lars as fu­ture in­vest­ments. Ex­pen­sive blue­print recre­ations are the ideal way to fill the gap in his­tory, though sadly the bril­liant Ferry Brouwer Yama­has have now gone the same way as the re­main­ing fac­tory bikes with lit­tle chance of see­ing them in ac­tion again.the Beale Honda sixes are amaz­ing but frag­ile, ex­pen­sive in­vest­ments and un­der­stand­ably rarely seen in ac­tion. I own a cred­i­ble replica/looka­like of Phil Read’s 1964/5 cham­pi­onship­win­ning Yamaha RD56 which I pa­rade with great pride when­ever pos­si­ble, while mak­ing it quite plain it is a replica and not a price­less al­most non-ex­is­tent orig­i­nal. In my ex­pe­ri­ence most peo­ple ap­pre­ci­ate good qual­ity repli­cas as a vi­able al­ter­na­tive to the real thing and cer­tainly bet­ter than noth­ing. I have also pa­raded a (qual­ity) RC163 wa­ter cooled looka­like at the Mal­lory Park 1000 Bike event since 2009 in the revered com­pany of my he­roes (amongst oth­ers) Tommy Robb and the late great Ralph Bryans, not to men­tion a cer­tain MW. All on looka­like repli­cas.

Brian Cook Derby PS: my only in­ten­tion is to keep his­tory alive and not to change it.

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