CBB’S Trisha: “I’m ob­sessed with my fake body”

Out­spo­ken glam­our girl Trisha Pay­tas opens up about feel­ing sexy, bat­tling her demons, and feud­ing with Jordan and Sarah Hard­ing

Closer (UK) - - Inside This Issue... - By Neeru Sharma

he’s made a ca­reer by S di­vulging de­tails of her per­sonal life and leav­ing noth­ing to the imag­i­na­tion, and when Closer catches up with fiery Amer­i­can Trisha Pay­tas, she doesn’t dis­ap­point. In fact, when it comes to her body, the Celebrity Big Brother star openly ad­mits she’s ul­tra-con­fi­dent.

Trisha, 29, tells Closer: “I’m lit­er­ally ob­sessed with my body and I love be­ing naked. Peo­ple don’t ex­pect me to be­cause my body is on the thicker side, but I’ve been su­per-skinny and weighed 7st and I was mis­er­able. I think I’m per­fect now.”


She adds: “I’m all about big lips, big boobs, big butt, big thighs and big hair. I love the fake blown-up sex-doll look, and guys love it, too – I haven’t had any com­plaints.”

And Trisha isn’t afraid to ad­mit she’s had more than a help­ing hand in achiev­ing her dream body, splash­ing an eye-wa­ter­ing £75,000 on plas­tic surgery, in­clud­ing a boob en­hance­ment and an up­lift tak­ing her from a 36D to a 36GG. She adds: “I’ve had lipo on my up­per and lower abs, my back, my up­per arms, as well as a butt lift and fat freez­ing on my face and waist. I mod­ify my body so much be­cause it makes me happy. If you don’t have a fake butt in the US, it’s weird!”

The star – who found fame on Youtube, gain­ing 2.8 mil­lion fol­low­ers – has Bo­tox and lip fillers ev­ery three months and is plan­ning more surgery.

She says: “In a few years, I’ll get another round of lipo, I’ll get my boobs re­done and, if I have kids, I’ll have a de­signer vagina. Some peo­ple say I look ridicu­lous, but I don’t care. The Kar­dashi­ans get lipo in­jec­tions on their butt and hips but never ad­mit it. Peo­ple just think they work out – at least I’m hon­est!”

But the size 16 star ad­mits she's still in­se­cure over her stom­ach. She ex­plains: “I’ve al­ways had is­sues with my tummy, even though I’ve had li­po­suc­tion. I wish it was flat but I love cheese­cake too much to care.”

And de­spite feel­ing self-as­sured about her fig­ure now, Trisha – who cites Pamela An­der­son as her body in­spi­ra­tion – was rid­dled with body insecurities as a teenager and suf­fered with an eat­ing dis­or­der.

She ex­plains: “Right from when I was 12 till I was 16, I strug­gled with food. I wouldn’t eat prop­erly for two weeks and then I’d binge the third week. I’d eat 10 meals a day, all the bad stuff from Mc­don­ald’s and Taco Bell, be­cause I knew it’d be a while be­fore I ate prop­erly. I went down to a size zero.”

And Trisha ad­mits bul­lies left her con­fi­dence in tat­ters. She says: “My self­es­teem was low be­cause one of my boobs was a B and the other was a D, and I even had a surgery con­sul­ta­tion when I was 14. I stuffed socks in my bra to make them look even, and bul­lies called my boobs ‘re­tarded’.”


Trisha’s trou­bles lasted well into her twen­ties, an era which saw her bat­tle drug ad­dic­tion and work as a pros­ti­tute – though the glam­our girl has no regrets about her ca­reer. In fact, the self-made mil­lion­aire proudly ad­mits to sleep­ing with 300 men.

She says: “I won’t lie, it was fun at the time – I was sleep­ing with Hol­ly­wood di­rec­tors and sports stars – these were mar­ried men! I used to think, who cares? I’m get­ting money – stuff their wives! But now I’m

pay­ing for it be­cause I’m 29 and never had a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship, and all my part­ners have cheated on me – it’s karma.

“I took a lot of drugs when I was es­cort­ing be­cause the other girls told me I would need to in or­der to get through some of the peo­ple. My dad found me when I was 21, passed out in my apart­ment, al­most dead, and I went to hospi­tal and got help af­ter­wards.”

And since quit­ting CBB af­ter just 11 days, Trisha has been no stranger to con­tro­versy – blast­ing her neme­sis Sarah Hard­ing for win­ning the show. She adds: “Sarah is a ter­ri­ble per­son, she never packed for her evic­tions be­cause she thought she was safe. She made fun of peo­ple’s weight and called me hor­ri­ble names. She can’t han­dle her al­co­hol. Had I stayed, I would have won.”


Mean­while, Trisha re­cently found her­self in a bru­tal war of words with ex-glam­our model and for­mer CBB win­ner Jordan. The mu­mof-five branded the US star as “weak” for quit­ting the show and claimed she’d “never heard of her”, though Trisha has since re­tal­i­ated, la­belling her an “ig­no­rant b***h.”

And she ad­mits there’s no chance of a rec­on­cil­i­a­tion. “She’s a weak-ass b***h, she’s fake and ir­rel­e­vant. I know she’s a big celebrity here, but if you asked a hun­dred peo­ple in LA, no one would know who she is,” she laughs, be­fore adding: “OK, maybe one!”

Now, bi­sex­ual Trisha – who ad­mits she’d love to set­tle down – says she has a soft spot for Bri­tish men. She adds: “I 100% want to meet the right guy and get mar­ried. I love UK men way more than US guys. I think Piers Mor­gan is su­per-sexy, I’d love to meet him and I think comedian Jimmy Carr is hot, too!”

‘I love be­ing naked – I think I'm per­fect’

With her arch neme­sis Sarah Hard­ing in CBB

Jordan wasn’t im­pressed with Trisha

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